Monday, March 31, 2008

One could call this an introduction to this blog as it is the first posting in it and it is new as of this date.

When it comes to crafting, finding sufficient time to produce the items you want to sell can be a problem. A bigger problem however can be the actual selling of what you produce and make. That is what this blog will be focusing in on. Marketing and Selling your products. Our aim is to provide the reader with useful information both on the marketing of and the buying of handmade and hand crafted items.

Now, just a brief introduction to The Hand Made Product Directory itself. The directory is simply what its title says it is. Those who produce and sell handmade and hand crafted products can list their stores or web sites in the directory absolutely FREE. We do offer upgrades to the basic listing for those who want them.

The Hand Made Directory has many Free ways to help a craft seller or store draw customers to their store.

1 - They can obtain a Free Link to their store in the directory. There is even the ability to upgrade a listing for those who want to.

2 - If a store is having a sale, there is a section in the directory where they can place a Free Sales Ad. There are also many Free Sales Banners they can choose from to use in your Sale Announcement. Potential Customers who come to the directory are encouraged on every page of the directory to visit the "Now On Sale" page to see what sales are running in what stores.

3 – Store owners can have their Blog listed for Free on the Store Owners Blog page.

4 - There is a Store Owners Resource page with links to other helpful sites for promoting and maintaining your store.

What makes The Hand Made Product Directory rather different than the majority of other directories and search engines is that it is 100% human edited. Some may find our listing procedures unusual but there are good reasons we do things the way we do. The reasons can be summed up in two words Relevancy & Non-Manipulation.

With automated sites visitors to the site tend to find too much plain garbage. Nothing turns a customer off faster and makes them leave a web site quicker than being shown either entries they didn’t really want to see or being manipulated in what they see. Unlike many other search engines and directories, we don’t think people are too stupid to know what they want. We feel this is not only fair to those who are doing the seeking but to those stores listed in the directory. Every store listed in any given category has an equal opportunity to be visited by that potential customer. Even our search feature is simple. If you search for something, that search is going to show the searcher every page in the entire directory that contains the search words or term the searcher used. Customers aren’t manipulated. We find they like this difference.

Combine this with the fact that since those searching or browsing the directory are going to have a better selection of web sites to choose from because the directory will not be loaded down with spam and garbage. Before any listing goes into the directory, a real live human checks out that site to make sure it is exactly what it should be.

Our goal is make The Hand Made Product Directory the largest directory of its kind possible. Thus providing seller’s to very inexpensive way of pushing traffic to their store or web site and for buyer’s a very large selection of seller’s and their products to choose from.

If you are a producer and seller of handmade and hand crafted products just follow any of the links in this post to the directory to obtain your Free Listing.

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