Saturday, September 27, 2008

Unique Store To Be Found At The Hand Made Product Directory

Some of the Unique Stores Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory Part 9

Every day or so we will be listing some of the stores in The Hand Made Product Directory so our readers will get a little idea of the many distinctive listings and products they create and sell.

LolaBear's Needleworkatorium - All things needlework - for you and your home

LolaGeek - Handmade accessories for men, women, and children

Lola & Valentinos - A sweet boutique that caters to the girlie girl in all of us, specializing in home decorations and paper arts. I also occasionaly have jewelry and childrens accessories.

Loma Prieta Pottery - Hand made wheel thrown functional and decorative pottery. High fired stoneware. Functional pottery that looks good and feels good to use.

LoopDiLoops Baby Gear - Trendy Pouch Style Baby Carriers, and Designer Baby Gowns

Loop - Sara Thibeault specializes in Swarovski crystal beads, semi-gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Lorena Catalani Morata Jewelry - Handmade jewelry with peacock feathers plus some cute felt brooches!

Lost Hollow Creations - My shop includes denim bags and purses made from recycled jeans, painted rocks, hair accessories, felted bags, and more. High quality, unique items!

Lost RIver Rags & CandleLights - LRRCL specalize in creating Hand Poured, Goats Milk Soaps (FREE of SLS & SLES), Goats Milk Lotions, & Soy Wax Candles (100% Cotton Wicks).

Lotus Tree Designs - One of a kind jewelery made to help bring out the inner peace within you. All made with gemstones, crystals, and silver.

Atelier Louise Felice - European designed Childrens fashions made in the USA

LoveMeKnot Creations - Handmade aromatherapy wheat bags that you simply pop in the mircowave, and voila, all your aches & pains are gone!

Love Spoons - Hand carved love spoons.

The Lovespoon Workshop - Handcarved Welsh lovespoons and an instructional book.

L. Sisson - Doll Artist - Offers a weighted foot for miniature dolls that requires no stand. Also miniature projects and tips.

Lucindas Designs - Unique handmade fashions and accessories

Luck (x4) - I am currently offering limited edition prints of my original etchings, but I plan to also add some cards and pillows.

Lunachick Designs - Chainmaille, sterling and gemstone jewelry

Luscious Naturals - Pure, natural hair and skin care products... Organic, fair-trade ingredients. Vegan formulas. Always handcrafted.

Luvs2paint Fine Art by Brenda Thour - Original wildlife & landscape paintings by Brenda Thour.

LV's Twisted Whiskers Creations - LV\'s Twisted Whiskers Creations are unique, one of a kind, handcrafted items that make great gifts (or keepers!.) We have something for everybody, from jewelry, candles, needle felt and hand sculpted clay critters, cat toys, doggie treats and more. We

Shop name: MadArtjewelry - MIxed metals jewelry and sculpture.

The Art of Madelaine - Artistic Photography and Digital Art.

Made Whilst Listening To... - Musically influenced handmade treasures!

Turtle Island Pottery - Functional stoneware by Maggie and Freeman Jones. Provides products, shows and contact information.

Magic Hands Workshop - Handmade luxury bath and body products

Magic Island General Store - Photography and home decor from the beach!

Magickal Realism Natural Perfumery - All natural perfume and bath and body with a magical, irreverent twist

Make-Believe Boutique - Artisan Crafted Wearable Art and Decor with Whimsical Flair features collage art, window art/wall tapestry, handmade pillows, scarves, jewelry and handbags.

Jeanne's Craft Boutique - Custom and Fabric Accessories such as fabric covered mousepads, pocket mirrors, keychains, buttons, magnets, coasters, hair items and jewelry

Makeshift Apparel - Makeshift Apparel is an independent clothing company that sells handmade, reconstructed, and screen printed clothing and accessories.All items are designed and made by me individually. You won\'t find anyone else with the same thing!Makeshift Apparel sup

Makeshift Modern - Based in Indianapolis, IN, makeshift modern is a woman owned business specializing in original modern prints. New designs are popping up all the time! Be sure to visit the corresponding blog as well!

Makin' the Best Of It - Unique handpainted glassware for your home.

MariposaAvenue - I specialize in shadow lanterns, luminaries and lamps made exclusively from recycled food cans. Each one is uniquely hand cut and then powder coated for indoor or outdoor use.

MJR Designs - Your one-stop shop for kanzashi hair accessories, kimono, obi and Japanese street fashion!

markrouttphotography - Fine Art Photography

MarthaHaskins Designs - Fine art, greeting cards, photography, and surface design (decorating lots of different things).

matt/mattfinish - i'm a photographer on the side. i actually am a stand up comedian, dad with 2 kids and a wife...who is also on this team (pillowhappy). we just moved from Los Angeles to Wilmington NC. I really like capturing sunsets, and taking cool shots of the great o

mayerain's - All day pretty shiny & metal. Jewelry for healing.

MayRae Crochet n Knit - MayRae Crochet n Knit

MB Designs - Handcrafted jewelry by Marion Berry using pearls, lampwork beads and precious metals.

MBOI - Fine chainmaille jewelry for everyday.

Sam McLean Designs - Fun Felt Foods, Quirky Clothes and Kids Aprons

Medieval Zone - Hand made wooden models of medieval castles siege equipment jousting sets and accessories. Located in Canada.

Megan Eilise Paper Goods & Gifts - Handmade blank note card sets with a bright, modern take on art deco style and the "Snarky Sendings" line of humorous, tongue-in-cheek greeting cards for all occasions.

Melanie Hazen Artisan Glass and Jewelry - Handcrafted glass beads, metal and glass jewelry, beaded jewelry

Melissakate - Hi! I'm melissakate and I love making colorful prints! All of my cards and prints are handmade & hand printed in my home studio in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in linocuts and woodcuts.

Melody's Unchained - I love to make unique quilts, handbags, pillows and more. I also welcome custom orders. Multiple payment methods accepted.

Meluna Bead Supplies - Bead supplies specialising in resin beads

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tips For Marketing To Seniors

We all know that the general population is aging. This means that online user’s ages are rising. According to a section in a recent marketing report, the number of US Internet users aged 62 and over is set to rise substantially over the next few years. In 2007 this figure was 9.7% of the US population. It is estimated that by 202, that figure will be 2.0%. Those couple of percentage points over the next few years represents 5 million people; i.e. 5 million potential online shoppers.

While seniors these days tend to be healthier, lead more active lives and have higher discretionary income than previous generations, they do tend to begin to have challenges with vision, hearing and cognitive functions, something that online retailers should take into consideration when designing their sites. Now there is something positive about all this web 2.0 stuff - all those darned big buttons and minimalist interfaces.

I can remember when combing my hair in the morning, many years ago, how I noticed the steady advance of grey working its way through my hair. I don’t have to worry about that any more as battle of the grey was won by the grey. Now its all grey. I guess that makes me an old man.

But what is actually "old" these days? One thing's for certain, the term "senior citizen" no longer means infirm. "Senior" does not necessarily mean retirement from work either. I know of many people in their late 60's and even 70’s who are still working; either through choice or necessity. Improved health allows them to continue to be very active in the workforce. In my early 20's, I worked in a labor-intensive field and the owner of business who worked as hard as anyone he employed was 74 years old!

Gone also are the days when the web was a place strictly for the young. Seniors have now embraced the Internet and many more are becoming are comfortable with online shopping. So Senior Shoppers, are a rapidly growing market and we should be addressing that.

Added to this the fact that, seniors control over 70% of all disposable income and currently spend over $7 billion online each year. Taking into account future general growth rates in terms of population age groups, accompanied by an ever increasing uptake of the web by this demographic slice, this is and will indeed be a lucrative market. It's just really kicking into gear now.

What do seniors buy on the web? Sure, seniors do buy all the products that we'd associate with "old age" - pills and potions and other health related products; but many of the seniors of today and into the future will view themselves as being young. In a nutshell, seniors want the same sorts services and products that everyone else does. Of course, there are some items that you probably won't have so much success with - such as the latest hip and trendy youth oriented fashions, or some of that new fangled music I hear blaring out of my grandchildrens radios and players’.
What is the difference in marketing to seniors? They say that Age, generally speaking, makes you wise. Seniors also tend to have more available time to make purchase decisions. They are life savvy and for the most part, research well. They will ask questions before making a purchase - sometimes many, many, many questions :).

Here are some Tips For Marketing To Seniors

Your Landing Page - As with marketing to any particular portion of the population, it's important that your pages reflect the tone. If you cover multiple age demographics, it can help to have a landing page dedicated to promoting your goods and services to seniors. Make the link to this section prominent throughout your site, but don't use patronizing text. Something as simple as "Special offers for seniors" should be sufficient as seniors do watch for this kind of verbiage. In years gone by, maturity and old age was respected, even revered. That has unfortunately changed in recent times, but the concept is still expected by our senior citizens. You may already have general discounts advertised - but the goal is to make this slice of the market feel that you have singled them out for special treatment.

Establish your credibility - This is important for general online success, but particularly so if you want to capture business from senior citizens. Ensure that your privacy policy is clear, that terms and conditions are in plain English, that your site is secure - and promote these aspects. Display your guarantees, industry affiliations and security seals prominently through your marketing copy.

Images on your pages - Seniors may not want to see 20-something models in your marketing materials, but it doesn't mean you need to go for images of people in wheelchairs either. Aim for the middle of the road - if you're going to use images of humans in your promotional copy; go for the mid-30 to 40-something type images as this relays maturity, without suggesting infirmity. It's been well documented that most seniors see themselves as being 5 -20 years younger than their biological age.

Using hype in marketing copy - Be very careful with this - remember that age brings wisdom and too much hype in marketing copy can be a red flag to a more discerning buyer. Be enthusiastic about your products, but focus on providing clear and complete information; quantify your claims - pose questions, give answers.

Search engines and seniors - If you are going to have a special seniors section, ensure that the terms "senior" and "seniors" along with keywords relating to your product are sprinkled throughout. This age group most definitely searches using "senior" as part of the criteria when looking for a good deal.

The benefits of catering to seniors - While seniors may not have the "scan, click and buy" mentality of younger people, once you have gained their trust, they can be very loyal clients. So while you may need to invest more time initially in converting, this can definitely pay off in the long run.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some of the Unique Stores Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory Part 8

Every day or so we will be listing some of the stores in The Hand Made Product Directory so our readers will get a little idea of the many distinctive listings and products they create and sell.

Kazue West Handbags Accessories-Kimono Bag Embroidery Bag - Kazue West is a designer who lives in New York. Her product has been proven to be of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Her handbag design extremely unique

KeetaCollection - Classic, Funky handmade totes, messenger bags, diaper bags and purses.

Kellie Draws Pictures - I am a visual artist originally from Saginaw, Michigan. My work tends to focus on the bittersweet details of life. My shop exhibits prints and originals of my work.

kellykatcrafts - Crochet, knit, jewelry and more

Jewelry by Kelly Colleen - Materials include Swarovski crystals, pearls, gemstones, sterling silver and vintage components.

Designs by Molly - Handcrafted jewelry in precious metals, gemstones, and beads.

KFCollection - Original oil paintings and digital scrapbooking supplies, collage sheets, ACEO art trading cards

Mixed Media Paintings By Kristie - I am an artist and I love decorating and staging houses. I love anything that requires colour, paint, fabrics, texture, etc...

KHermsen Art Emporium - Collectible emu egg art is a perfect one of a kind gift for that special occasion. I accept requests for custom designed egg art. My original photography and hand painted cards are perfect to send or give as a gift set.

Kik's Knits - Hand Knitted Clothing and Accessories

The Art of Kimberly Anderson - Lamp shades, scratchart, watercolors, block prints, silk paintings

KimB Kreatures Artist Teddy Bears - Handmade by KimBerly Dobstaff-Sharrot.

Kim Korringa - Utilizing a technique called millefiori canemaking, artisan Kim Korringa offers patterned pins, necklaces, earrings and badge holders.

kirby - I am an artist, designer, and crafter!

Kirra Designs - Unique Japanese themed handmade stationery

Kitchen Carvers - Hand Carved Wooden Spoons and Kitchen Utensils - Hand carved wooden spoons, ladels, kitchen utensils and coffee scoops.

Kittykatkards - I make homemade cards and origami scrapbook embellishments

Kiwi Tree - Jewelry, Quirky Papergoods, and Book Accessories

Klew Expressions - Polymer clay beads and jewelry created using millefiori and custom canes by Keren Leweis.

Kimberly Marlowe Artistic Design - Handcrafted using combinations of clay, semi-precious gemstones, wire and metal.

Knitsational - Handknits, Handmade Purses and more

KnitSen - Hand knit goods, hand dyed yarns, photography.

knitspin - We specialize in Handpainted Rovings, Handpainted Handspun Yarns, and Dyed Yarns.

Knitstyle By Mmc - Hand knit gifts for babies and kids. Beautiful scarves and hats too!

Knotty Sheep Crafts - Knotty Sheep crafts jewelry and accessories using Chinese knotting.

Kountry Craft Baskets - Handcrafted wood baskets of many types and sizes, handmade in Tennessee.

KreatedbyKarina - Soap that makes scents!

Krelly Designs - Kelly Miller crafts wire-wrapped gemstone, pearl, abalone, sterling silver, crystal, and polymer clay pendants.

Kristapeel -

Kristen\'s Cosmetics - Handmade luxurious bath and body items! Stock up on body lotion, lip balm, bath bombs, bubble bath bars, whipped body mousse and more! Over 35+ tantalizing fragrances to choose from; customize your products!

kristinalaw - I create Limited Edition pillows, mini quilts and other related items. Black is my favorite color and I use a little bit of it in most of my designs. Modern Victorian and modern are my favorite styles.

Kristins Kandles - Hand poured container, votives, pillars and floating candles.

Krizik Viliam - Small scale models of historic ships, sail boats, wagons, cannons and black powder cannons.

Rohlman Pottery and Tile - Pottery and ceramic sculpture with a beach motif.

Karen Sanders Design - Original jewelry design, created from gemstones, pearls, beads, crystal, silver and gold. Items include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and gifts.

KS Clothing - Hand-made infant & toddler clothing

Kuki's Crochet - Small selection of unique, handmade doilies.

Kiley's Handmade Books - Handmade books in both modern and classic styles

La Chapina Huipil Crafts - Fabric art, notecards, simple baby dolls, and other items made from recycled Guatemalan textiles. Also featuring Guatemalan craft supplies.

Canterbury Cottage Arts and Crafts - Soaps, salts, scrubs, historical dolls, contemporary coat of arms

Lady Of The Lake - One of a kind handbags crafted from classic fabrics and trims.

lamplighter - Hand sewn lampshades

LANCERIKA fine Art reproductions - Fine Art reproductions and framed mini-prints of my original paintings.

LanitaPhoto :: moment of magic - Just photos and posters of my own -- small touch that will help your room look perfect

Lantana Designwear - Gemstone jewelry accented with glass beads and wire.

The Laughing Chicken Boutique - Handcrafted jewelry, knits, and accessories

Laura Bucci *handmade bags & accessories - Handmade one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-few bags and accessories. Sometimes artsy, other times understated.

LauraOh! Designs - Quality Handbags and Purses

LazyTcrochet - Modern knit and crochet fashions.

Leather Braiding by John - Braided Leather Goods for Man and Beast

LeanneF Designs - Unique hand-crafted jewelry focusing on pearls.

Omg! Lia? - Cute, funky and colorful DIY acrylic jewelry - accessories - wallets and clothing!

Lightleak - I paint with light and make photographs.

Liv'nGood Jewelry - Handmade, one-of-a-kind chainmaille, metal, and semiprecious stone jewelry.

Linda's Doll Clothes and Collectibles - Handmade Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes

Linda┤s Things - Custom skins for Motorola RAZR cell phones

Linda Walsh Originals - Doll Patterns for grown-up girls! Whether you are a beginner crafter or experienced seamstress you will love our doll patterns.

Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - Handmade dolls & crafts for grown-up girls! Whether you are young or old you will love our handmade dolls & crafts.

Linda Webster Online - Our jewelry showroom specializes in wholesale Charlestone jewelry, Austrian crystal, & wholesale fashion jewelry.

lindylou2 - Home accessories - pillows, pillow covers, kitchen accessories

Lin's Cards - A collection of cards for special occasions. Offers customization options, including personal photographs.

Lisa Hall Jewelry - Sea glass jewelry from the Cranberry Isles beaches of Coastal Maine, as well as jewelry inspired by the Renaissance, Gothic and Medieval periods.

Lisa Ronay - Jewelry made of sea glass, silver and gold includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pins.

Little Boy Blue Boutique - Little Boy Blue relies on the belief that children are unique and valuable. Handmade vintage-inspired hip bedding, clothing, and toys sold through Little Boy Blue have been carefully crafted by talented artists from across the country who believe their i

lizplummer - Textile art and collage

Lizzie Candle - Pillar and jar candles, natural vegetable soap, and bath and home products.

Lizzypop - Welcome to the home of handmade one-of-a-kind creations for babies and toddlers. Baby aprons for meal- or playtime, Reversible, absorbent bibs, comfy overalls, and custom quilted items are all waiting for your special little one. Custom orders are welcom

Julie's Jewels - Artisan Designed and Created Jewellery and Home Decor

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

For Sellers The Scramble Is On

The scramble has begun for many online sellers as they make final preparations for this years holiday selling season. With all the many task of current inventory evaluation (seeing which items can be discounted), holiday web site preparations, product production itself and of course advertising it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

For those that started early, they are on the down hill run of these preparations but for those just starting their holiday preparations, it’s going to be a very busy time for them. The obvious question for these folks is “How to get it all done and not loose my mind at the same time”?

Here are some things to keep in mind as you design your plan of attack.

Having sufficient inventory will most likely be your biggest problem. We all know how long it takes for us to produce our products. With this in mind, you should set aside enough time each day for production so that by November 15th at the latest, you have 85% of all the stock you will need for this years holiday selling season. The remainder 15% can be addressed at a less hectic pace.

With the ever increasing number of online merchants that are our competition, Marketing and Advertising your online store during the holidays is an absolute necessity. How much and where is the question. Keep in mind that if you spend your time and advertising dollars marketing to every person on the internet, you will most likely only see very marginal success.

It’s kind of like this. Many think that using the “Shotgun Approach” will gain them the most sales. For stores like Wal Mart and other mega stores this is correct but for those of us that sell in the handmade – handcrafted market, it just doesn’t work. We need to market and advertise to customer who are most likely to purchase our types of products. If you are a butcher, you aren’t going to market to vegetarians. The same is true here.

To get the biggest bang for your marketing and advertising time and dollars, you need to place your name in front of people who want, or are most likely, to buy our products. This can best be done by marketing and advertising in and on places that promote and draw shoppers actively seeking handmade and handcrafted products.

We have a very unique advantage these days when it comes to marketing and advertising if we just take advantage of it. I don’t know what percentage of products for sale across the internet are commercially mass produced compared to those that are handmade or handcrafted but I would be willing to bet that commercially mass produced products far exceeds the types of products we create.

With this in mind, why not take advantage of it. More and more consumers are becoming fed up with the poor quality and high prices of commercially produced products and are actively seeking products that are distinct with quality and are priced reasonably. Our tight economy is making shoppers more cautious about what they buy these days. Let’s give them what they want.

Although large search engines like Google, Yahoo and the like will of course be used significantly by shoppers this holiday season, there is a very large group of shoppers that will be and have been turning to Specialized Shopping Directories and similar sites. Because of this, Specialized Shopping sites, often called Niche Shopping Sites, will be used significantly more this holiday season than ever before.

If nothing else, those of us that create and sell handmade and handcrafted products certainly fall into a Niche category so why not market and advertise with this in mind and make use of this fact. Putting your marketing and advertising time and dollars into raising your visibility on these types of web sites will pay off much greater in the long run.

Now there are two different types of Specialized (Niche) Shopping web sites. First are those that actually allow you to sell your products from their web site and those that are strictly designed to point shoppers towards stores based on the shoppers needs. These are true Shopping Directories.

Most of us sell on more than one venue already so I don’t think I need to elaborate about selling venues. A word though about true shopping directories. One of the biggest advantages they have in relationship to drawing customers is that they usually have stores listed in them from many different sources. This allows the shopper the ability to see wider diversification of stores than any particular selling venue will have.

Another factor to consider here is that true shopping directories are unbiased when it comes to the stores listed in them. Let me explain. Selling venues are always skewing the search results of shoppers towards those stores that pay them to do so. That doesn’t mean that true shopping directories don’t have advertising available for their listed stores and yes this advertising is designed to give those advertisers a higher visibility. After all, that is what they are paying for. True shopping directories however don’t manipulate their search features though. If a shopper uses a specific search term, the search results will show every page and store that matches or incorporates that search term in it. Not based on the amount of money any particular store spends at the directory but based on what is actually listed in the directory. That is why in true shopping directories, and particularly those that also use categorizing, like most of them do, the real advantage of advertisers pays off by advertising within the actual category at the stores listing point. There ads will actually be seen more often because if their store description is written properly, their store (and its associated ad) will be coming up in more searches and their store will have greater visibility as shoppers browse through the listed stores.

Here is another factor to take into consideration. Most shoppers realize they are being manipulated by most search engines and many types of directories and are getting sick and tired of it and they are looking for places that aren’t saying to them. “You really don’t know what you want so we’re going to show you only what we want to”. This type of shopper manipulation is beginning to back fire on search engines that use it. No one likes to be called “Stupid” and that is exactly what many of these types of web sites are saying to shoppers. Oh, they spin it around and say we are making the search experience better – one of the new expressions used today. Shoppers are more than capable of deciding what they want and making their own decisions. This is one of the big reasons for the ever growing increase in the use of true shopping directories.

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Keep these things in mind when you are about to spend your advertising dollars.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Some of the Unique Stores Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory Part 7

Every day or so we will be listing some of the stores in The Hand Made Product Directory so our readers will get a little idea of the many distinctive listings and products they create and sell.

Hunters Creek Silver - Each piece of our beautiful jewelry is created with a woman in mind and to bring lasting joy to the one that wears it. Each piece is one of a kind and never duplicated. Whatever you purchase is yours alone and not sold to thousands of others. It's a t

Fran and Michael Hurst Jewelry - Assortment of gemstone and cameo jewelry by Fran and Michael Hurst.

Maggie's World - Prints from watercolors of a grumpy little owl, along with a bunch of other characters.

Retro Mama - Vintage-inspired styles: retro aprons, handbags, hair accessories, baby gifts, knitting and crochet accessories and more.

Iceopals Jewelry - Jewelry that uses custom cut stones.

Impart - Painted decorative furniture and household items.

Important Comics - Comics, illustration, video, and so forth. By Dina Kelberman.

Looking-Glass Studio - Romantic adornments for you life and home including artwork, decor, jewelry & accessories, web graphics and more in shabby/cottage and vintage-inspired styles...

Every One is an Artist - original art hand made with love and joy

Indulgent Creations - I offer wonderful handmade cold process soaps, lotion, bath salts, and lip balm for your body to indulge in!

Mary Potts/Infinity Arts - A line of contemporary handcrafted wall clocks now made with earth-friendly sdf (sustainable design fiberboard), which is 100% recycled wood pulp and formaldehyde-free, and painted with voc-free, biodegradable milk paints.

inSaneity - inSaneity is a design dichotomy. A handpainted collection of limited edition home decor textiles and accessories. It celebrates the union of natural sophistication and contemporary glam. Discover sumptuous duvets, table linen, pillows and more. Embrace y

Inwiththeold - Antique and Vintage Treasures and goodies for you and your home

My Little Bird by Ira Grant - beautiful handmade bags and purses made in switzerland

irenemachine - My original paintings are abstracted landscapes that layer organic forms and botanical imagery. Old Japanese scrolls and 18th century Western Landscapes are my strongest influences.

irenesuchocki - "Fine art photography.
Unframed and framed prints are available as well as canvas gallery wraps. Sizes up to 20""x30""."

Terrific Teabag Tiles - Teabag tiles, for use in making medallions or background papers.

Isn't that Cute - Features a selection of handcrafted angels, Santas, snowmen, animals, and garlands.

It's A Lovely Cake - Yummy handmade jewellery

Itsy Bitsy Industries - Handmade cute from Baltimore, MD. Itsy Bitsy is handbags, brooches, vintage, and more!

jaC Jewelry, Arts and Crafts - Unique, custom and bridal handmade jewelry for any occasion

Jack Pottery - Functional and decorative stoneware and raku pottery.

Jade Ink - Neat tees and cool jewels, and now there\'s even more! Jewelry, hand printed tees and undies.

Jalex Studios - My collections come from everyday life. Many of the inspirations of my designs are taken from everyday objects that at first, when looked at individually, seem normal. However, the fusion of these everyday objects creates a visually cohesive piece.

Jam Designs - Jewelry with dichroic, pearls, sterling silver and fused glass. Created by Jane Metcalf, of Honolulu, Hawaii.

J and D Woodcrafts - Handmade woodcraft items

Janece Moment - I'm a work at home mom, writer, artist, and entrepreneur.

Jani Kay's Clothesline - A collection of custom made doll clothes, quilts, and accessories. Includes bed and play clothes, and dresses for various sizes dolls.

J.B. Guess & Co. - Welcome! We sell original paintings, prints, ACEOs, and fine art photography. We also use our original work to create a line of notecards and greeting cards.

Janet Blanchard Pottery - Redware, slipware, and fiber arts pottery in original and traditional designs. Uses sgraffito and slip trailing techniques.

JBSoaps - We specialize in Handmade Cold Processed, Hot Processed, and Melt and Pour soaps for your delight.

Artist in Wire - J.D. Hallowell crafts wire-wrapped jewelry from cabochons, gemstones, natural crystals, fossils, and minerals.

This, That and More...Something forEveryone - Stylish handmade purses, bags and totes

Jeffrey's Wood Works - Barn birdhouses, napkin holders, and paper towel holders.

Jen and Jules Designs - Stylish/mom/baby accessories

Jengs Shop - Simple and Fun Designs on Paper

Jen Hintz Yarn Arts - Handmade knit and crochet eco-friendly market bags, fashion accessories, and hand-dyed yarn.

Jenn Gee! (she made this for me) - I create Coffee Corsets - because your coffee likes to feel sexy too!

Jennifer Ladd - Bags, purses, and baby items - made by hand ... made cute!

Jennifer Locke Designs - One of a kind designs for your little princess.

Jennifer's Jumpers, Etc. - Vintage and Modern Vintage Pillowcases for girls size infant to age 10 years (boutique quality- not boutique prices)

Jenny Tolbert - Handmade Jewelry, custom orders. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc.

Jess E Creations - I sell hand-crocheted apparel, baby items, bags, and other fun stuff.

The Jeweled Rabbit - I make beaded jewelry and also sell some vintage items.

Jewelry by Allison - Handmade jewelry with gemstones, glass, and crystal, and jewelry from recycled vintage jewelry

Jewelry Designs - Pete and Carol Zurlinden utilize semi-precious stones, beads and cubic zirconia.

Stacy Wulfe - Contemporary fringed jewelry featuring original clasps and using gemstones, gold, tourmalines, rubies, sapphire, and topaz.

Jewels Of Eden - Jewelry that adorns with the elegant wilderness of Nature.

Jewel Street Designs - Handcrafted metal jewelry in copper and sterling with a modern Art Deco flair.

JJewelry - Handmade Jewelry including bracelets, earrings and necklaces

Designs in Wood - Offering segmented vessels and hollow forms from woods native to the Western United States, accented with tropical exotics. Features gallery and background information.

JMN Pottery - "Unique handmade, wheel thrown pottery :)
Designs include (but not limited to) Bowls,bonsai pots,trays of pots,Grouchy pots and Skully mugs."

Jennifer Murphy - Bears, animals and pin cushions by Jennifer.

JN Pottery - Hand made functional and decorative pottery for house and garden

Joann Lysiak Designs - Joann Lysiak creates with semi-precious stones, pearls, jade, silver, gemstones and black onyx.

JolieFaireMedieval - Relief art tiles from my own custom molds, usually of Medieval design. Handpainted tiles, murals and mixed-media wall art.

Joyas - Materials include seed beads, crystals and semi-precious gemstones.

joydevivredesign - Hi everyone! I am Heather. Currently I have a full time job and also go to school part time earning a degree in interior design, only 2 classes left! :) I love creating paintings for friends, family and to sell here on Etsy. I love all aspects of interio

Joyful Abode - Delightful goodies for your happy household (aprons - vintage and new, handmade bias tape, recipe cards, stationery and children's blankets coming soon

JrJewls - Jewelry and paper crafts , Created in Belgium

Jumping Jack Designs - Custom designed and hand constructed invitations, announcements, greeting and note cards

Just Friends - Offers a selection of handcrafted dolls. Custom and personalized dolls available.

J.W. Woodcrafters - Handcrafted hardwood decor items including candle boxes, spool chests, stage boxes, and tea boxes, fashioned from cherry and figured maple.

Painted Panache by Joann Y Wheeler - ACEO's (Art Cards Editions & Originals), China Painting, Decorative Painting, Jewelery

Karen Jinks / Kala - Freelance artist and illustrator based in the UK. My work ranges from clean minimal design to textured mixed media canvases and photography.

Design By Kanena - Kanena's jewelry and art is Inspired by exotic worlds, old cultures and Environmental/Social Awareness. Her main source of materials are Swarovski Crystals, Dyed Bronze Pearls, copper,gold and silver wire.

Yin-Yang-Girl-Designs' Martial Arts/Karate Jewelry - Unique Custom made Martial Arts/Karate Bracelets, Earrings, Bookmarks, Many more items. You choose how you want it, whatever your style.

Karbe Designs - Crystals are strung with semi-precious gemstones and seed beads to create classical, romantic designs.

Kari Lonning - Contemporary basketry and woven vessels using dyed rattan reed.

Karma - Original handcrafted jewelry

Karma Crochet - Handmade crocheted and knitted afghans scarves and everything else.

KarmaRox - True Vintage. Always. Antique shoes, very vintage clothing including coats, dresses, lingerie and more! Vintage jewelry and dolls, too!

Karmaskreations -

Karmel Design presents unique creations that come from Karmel's digital art. - Karmel Design creates exquisite and one-of-a-kind custom art for display in your home using Karmel's digital art. Custom pieces can include photographs, monograms, names, etc.

kathannah - Fine art prints and original oil paintings

kathijane -

Lovelies - Handmade bags, accessories, aprons, home wares, and children\'s apparel.

Katsai - Designer-made clothing and accessories: urban chic al the way from Barcelona, Spain.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some of the Unique Stores Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory Part 6

Every day or so we will be listing some of the stores in The Hand Made Product Directory so our readers will get a little idea of the many distinctive listings and products they create and sell.

Gypsy Baskets - Handmade custom baskets. Choose from the styles shown - or contact me about making a unique basket just for you! I weave all my baskets from reed with hard wood handles.

Haiku Bird - Original mixed-media paintings, drawings, collage, ACEOs & ATCs, and more. All one of a kind, and all affordable. New pieces are added at least several times a week, and new projects are always in the works. Add to your art collection -- or begin one! --

Hamilton - Roberts Designs - Fine wood boxes and accessories.

Handcrafted Country Soaps - Swirled and scented homemade "cold process" soaps, containing olive and other oils.

Hand-Crafted Hope Chests - Your source for Hand-Crafted Hope Chests built by the Amish

Handmade Baby - Handmade gifts for babies, kids, and moms

Handmade Rag Baskets By Annabelle - Beautiful handmade rag baskets to spruce up your home! Baskets are great for everything from a sewing basket, storing cosmetics, baby doll carrier to a centerpiece for your kitchen or living room. Choose from very colorful to single colors. Thanks for

Handmade Items - Our on-line Shop offers elegant handmade Children clothes decorated with hand embroidery, appliqu?s etc. Also we offer handmade sterling silver jewelery and gift items plus greeting cards and batiks at competitive prices. Please log on to our website to

Creative Papers Online - Handmade papers for art and crafting.

Harlanbeads - Hand-made glass beads and glass bead jewelry by Harlan Simon.

Harmeen - Themes include floral, animal, reproduction of masterpieces and Hindu culture.

HawkMoon Soaps - Features natural, lightly fragranced and fragrance-free handmade bars, bath products, lotions and lip balms. Includes dog soap and soap-making supplies.

HCK Crafts - Quality crocheted dishcloths, scarves, hats, afghans, and more.

Handmade Creations - Contemporary designs incorporating metallic colors on glassware such as vases, glasses, sweet bowls, and photo frames.

Heart of the Art - Features handmade one of a kind decorative wooden houses embellished with copper, wire, nails, ceramic and glass.

Heather Brooks Designs - Offers jewelry created using semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, porcelain, wood, shell, and bone.

Helen's Harvest of Lampwork Beads - I'm in my seventh year of making unique Lampwork Beads, sculpted into Flowers, Creatures and various Seasonal Expressions. I usually string them with a few beads ready to wear, or you can elaborate into your own masterpiece. My work is collectable and ad

Heritage Glass - Glass beadmaking supplies available online, tips for making glass beads, and classes (Texas).

Heronkate - Paintings, floorcloths, placemats, a few vintage articles. I do lots of custom work, floorcloths up to 8 x 10 feet, and faux finishes on walls, mantels and furniture.

Hip Kid T-shirts - Hip Kid T-shirts screenprints hip and funky t-shirts for babies and children.

HipShot Wood Carving - Woodcarvings and sculptures by Kentucky native, Brian Sims. Specializing in creating a wooden treasure from your vision.

Holly - "I'm an Illustrator, designer, & entrepreneur.
I own"

Emily Holmes Design - Offers handmade hanging candle holders, lanterns, and sconces.

Gail's Gems - Semiprecious gemstone and freshwater pearl jewelry.

Rocky Creek Arts - Handcrafted fused glass designs and precious metal clay.

Wild Rose Creations - Specializes in Celtic style organizers, wallets, checkbook covers, accessories, boxes, and wall hangings.

Wooden Nautical and Automobile Art Carvings - A collection of carvings representing sailing and automobile designs by Rick Andres .

Doll Petticoats by Trissie - Vintage-style half slips for 36 inch Patti Playpal and Shirley Temple dolls.

Chris Simoncelli, Ceramic Artist - Wheel-thrown white stoneware clay dinnerware, serving and decorative pieces. Images, resume, and exhibition information.

Leather Carvings by Scott Jensen - Offers hand carved and painted leather pictures, purses, and vases.

Robyn Lynne Specialty Soaps - Hand milled and glycerin soaps.

Bears for RV Decor - Wood Bears for RV, camper, trailers and recreational vehicles. Fits most ladders on 5th wheels or travel trailers.

Edwards Decal Supply - Offers decals for ceramic applications.

Drummerboy Toy Soldiers - Hand made and painted figures including Alamo and American Civil War.

This Little Light of Mine - Offering a jar candle, gift baskets, and glycerin soap.

Jewels by Jan - Jan Mendoza crafts sterling silver and 14k gold hand wrapped Celtic knot jewelry including fairy and love knots bracelets and rings.

Terry Love - Provides sample images of stoneware, crystal glazes, and recent work.

Bier Baskets - Hand-woven baskets featuring a number of styles and materials. One-of-a-kind pieces available.

Lathe Art by Rich Johnson - A gallery of woodturnings using San Francisco Bay Area timbers. Offers classes for woodturning.

Quality Wood Products - Handcrafted wood products, crafting and scrollsaw tips.

Woodturnings by Andreas Ritzen - Offering bowls and segmented work in Scandinavian hardwoods from a craftsman in Denmark.

Hand Made Quilts By Marilyn. - Each hand made quilt is a one of a kind!

HomeMadeOriginals - Hand knitted and felted items and items made from recycled sweaters

Seamus Cassidy - Woodturner and cabinet maker.

Pryda Mig Sterling Designs - Featuring wire chain link designs, enhanced with crystals and glass beads.

Ryle Brothers Shaker Boxes - Handmade oval boxes using the methods of nineteenth century Shaker craftsmen.

Paws Four a Hug - Hand dyed bears and other animals by artist Gay Moller, range includes cocktail bears and spice guys.

Corby's Crafts - Supplies handcrafted leather goods including handbags, wallets, and moccasins.

Mark Mc Cune is a self-taught contemporary artist. He also designs furniture and has a degree in Industrial Design. Stefani Mc Cune studied ballet for ten years. Both Stefani and Mark have worked in the fields of interior design, home furnishings, and fa - Contemporary art, furniture (no longer sold on Etsy but available to interior designers)

The Memory Barn Scrapbooks - Custom, handmade scrapbooks. Includes samples and price list.

Rachael's Candle Town - Product line includes pillar, votive, container, and gel candles.

Chris's Crafts - Hand painted wood crafts in holiday and seasonal themes.

Exquisite Knits by Jutta Zuloaga - Hand loomed/finished cardigans, sweaters, matching skirts and coats, accessories and home collection.

Craftmania - Birdhouses, wine racks, clocks and thermometers.

PS Designs - Offers cloth character dolls and custom order portrait dolls.

The Rose Garden - Original red rose pins.

Personal Touch Candles - Offers custom handcrafted and scuplted pillar candles in various scents.

Stained Glass Treasures - Stained glass suncatchers, small panels, china angels, jewelry and mosaic items.

Wall to Wall Candles - Hand-poured 8oz jar candles. Fundraising information.

Honey Buns Boutique - Honey Buns Boutique offers exclusively-designed tees, onesies, and accessories for style-savvy moms, babies, and toddlers.

Honeysuckle Creations - I handcraft lamp shades from vintage slides.

Hot Chocolate Clothing - a beautiful, hand-made collection of designer children's clothing, furnishings, accessories and 'Mommy-Gear' essentials of the highest quality construction and materials all made exclusively in the USA

Hot Fresco Pottery - Features the unique Keep-It-Cool dip coolers and other functional pottery in different styles and colors.

House of Caron - For the miniature doll maker. Specializing in molds, books, and supplies.

Howlin' Hounds - Handmade Dog Snoods, Coats, Visors & Bait Bags and Dog Themed Accessories for Humans.

HQ Design - Quality handmade sterling silver jewellery

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some of the Unique Stores Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory Part 5

Every day or so we will be listing some of the stores in The Hand Made Product Directory so our readers will get a little idea of the many distinctive listings and products they create and sell.

f2images - Our photography intends to appreciate the beauty in all things, and sometimes view things in a slightly different light.

Fabric Basketry by Vera Johnson - A gallery of fabric wrapped basketry. Includes information about the process.

Fabric Art by Debby - Quilts, photo frames, wallhangings, fabric art

Fabulous Glass - Karen Brining melts recycled wine bottles in a kiln to form cheese trays, bread boards, and snack platters.

Facets by Kathryn - Fabricated jewelry of precious metals incorporating gemstones.

Faerie Made - Faerie Made? is a woman owned business inspired by the wonderful gifts that nature offers. Come experience our natural handmade soaps and quality products for the body, bath and face. Only the finest ingredients; food grade oils and nut butters, pure ess

Fairy Tale Fibers - Eco-friendly head wear for whimsical, yet practical folk! The Fairy Tale Hoods are our Original design that we feel is exceptionally versatile. You may choose to wear it like a hat and scarf to keep you dry in the pouring rain. If you get too warm, it fl

FR Shop Center - Original Paintings, ACEO's (art cards), graphics and more!

FancifulFlair Artwork - Original artwork by me Lauren K. You can learn more about me by reading my blog.

Fantastique - F A N T A S T I Q U E is birth to bring you the splendi collection of unique accessories such as necklace, ear rings, bracelets, bag charms and even hand-painted shoes! =) All the items here are BRAND NEW and HAND-MADE by yours truly. =) Do drop by and t

Feeldesign -

Feel Design - self-taught artist and maker of beautiful handbags, rugs, pillows..... animal lover, considerate and respectful of nature.

fehustoneware - Stoneware Porcelain and Raku fired pieces both functional and art pottery

Fibers - Sweaters, vests, scarves and clothing knit from handspun Mohair.

fibrevolution - Store Description:: High-end handmade and exquisitely detailed crochet accessories including hats, scarves, and bikini tops made to order. Custom orders welcome.

Firstofmay - I make shopping bags, purses, and Accessories including reusable coffee sleeves.

Fishcakes Designs - Blank cards, bags, shirts and magnets with screen-printed animal designs.

Fairy And Fantasy Art By Stephanie Fizer - Original artwork, prints, nifty cards, magnets and other darling lovelies.

Flanders Field Photography - Description of your store and what you produce: Colorful nature photographs with strong visual impact, specializing in closeups/macros and abstracts of plants and flowers. Most images are also available in black and white and sepia versions, profession

Flickers and Flowers - Providing basic items such as jars, waxes, wicks, soap bases, dyes, and fragrance oils.

Flint Brook Pottery - Offers stoneware pottery featuring clocks and dinnerware.

Floradora, Inc. - I have a love of fabric and design that lead me to creating home accents, mainly pillows and table linens. Make great gifts!

fluffnfixings - Handmade mailers and envelopes made from recycled plastics, including fused products. I offer a variety of sizes and styles and am open to custom orders. The larger the order, the larger the discount! Shipping on shop listings is free. Great for the e

Flyingneedlegallery.Com - Featuring limited-edition and one-of-a-kind gifts for the body & home. Shop for velvet & silk scarves, napkins, handkerchiefs, custom baby quilts, silk robes,and pillows.

Flytie - Handmade, one-of-a kind clothing as well as custom made garments for women

focalmatter - Pretty pitchers fer which to be hangins on yer walls.

Forever Flowers - Stunning French Beaded Flowers are very unique and Beautiful! They make fabulous gifs for any occasion and never die!

D Bear Studios - Mohair and plush styles by Donna Forgey.

tammy prucka - former metalsmith and graphic designer now working with fibers to create accessories.

Lucinda Knight Jewellery - Based in the UK, Lucinda Knight produces contemporary jewelry from glass, minerals, and acrylic.

framesofmind - I create wonderful, unique picture frames for any occasion. Making these fun, stylish picture frames has become one of my favorite outlets for being creative. I am always being inspired to create new things. Picture frames make great gifts and people alw

FrayBabyBibsandMore - Adorable baby bibs, blankets, totes and more!

Christmas Gallery - Wood carver showing a gallery of Santas, creche, angels, and snowmen.

Gail Fox - UK artist offers smoke fired pots for sale. Information about suppliers and current exhibitions.

Happy Whale Productions - Cute, fun handmade whales for all! A selection of styles or custom made. Made in New Zealand and ready to ship to the world!

fringecollection - we have a design business that ranges from jewelry to housewares. many of our wares are made from salvaged materials - we like to go hunting on the fringes of society (hence the name) where man intrudes on nature and to create from what we find in that c

From the Earth - Sterling silver, handmade jewelry with semi-precious stones

WeasWorking Plus - Custom designed boxes, humidors, cutting boards, and mug trees.

Lisa's Design Studio - Pretty stationery for beautiful souls

Fufufelted - Unique and Sassy Hair Accessories - Lovingly hand needle felted - Add feminine flair to any outfit.

Fugsly - Beautifully quirky bags, wallets and purses for your accesorising delight.

Fuzzy Memories - Beautiful vintage items of all kinds. Housewares, clothing, accessories and ephemera.

Galacards - Unique handmade cards for that special occasion!

Korinne-Gallery On Central - My experience in photography began with negatives and darkrooms, I have a great appreciation for black and white photography and I am influenced by old processes of albumen, salt prints, plantinum, tintypes, cyanotypes, collodian and so on. I still work

Gemma's Crafts - Selling handmade greeting cards and scuplted fairies.

Gems by Jan & Me - Gemstone, pearl, wood, bone, twisted wire, polymer clay and shrink plastic jewelry.

Generations Glass - East Coast glass blowing and lampworking supplier.

BDL Woodworking - Offers turned boxes in a variety of woods.

Carol's Lovable Handmade Dolls - Self standing handmade dolls in bright springtime colors.

African Creative Art - Pyrographic art on leather of wild animals in Africa.

Crissy's Crafts - Offering handmade doll clothes, baby booties, dog sweaters and a barrette holder.

RFT III Old West Gear - Hand crafted cowboy and leather supplies. Includes a selection of canteens, flasks, saddles, bags and gunbelts.

Savon la Belle - Creates glycerin-based holiday, novelty and decorative soaps and offers body oils and pillow sprays.

Fascinated by Faces - Ceramic sculpture by Stella Stilton uniquely fashioned into faces on grotesques, heads, masks, mugs, jugs,pipes, planters, pots and vases for home and garden.

Timeless Treasures by Kyla - Offers custom memory books.

Peter Bradford, Artist in Wood - Australian wildlife carvings, wood turnings, timber artifacts, burls and links.

Zion's Creations - Offers hand crocheted and knitted hats, scarfs, and bags.

Get Stoned Jewelry - Classically handcrafted by Laura Mroz.

Ghost 7 - "A selection of beautiful and haunting images.

I sell digital prints of original artwork created on a variety of media such as glass and wood."

Giffin Tec - Offers factory direct ordering of trimming tools, spare parts, supplies, and accessories.

Gingerbell"s gifts - My shop is a gift shop where I sell a variety of items from handmade beads and buttons to custom blended bath and body items; I have something for everyone.

Glassbead- Isinglass Design - Handmade lampwork beads and art glass jewelry

Glass by Deb - Penn State Nittany Lion gifts, window decorations, angels, holiday and seasonal items, and American sign language gifts.

Glass by Gail - Specializes in panels, lamps and suncatchers.

Glass House Jewelry - Bold. Modern. Unique. Fused dichroic glass and silver jewelry and accessories.

Glassnwood - Retired professional couple displaying handmade artwork created in their art studio. Aletta is the Stained Glass artist. Phil is the wood sculptor. Art for sale and commissioned artwork is handmade by Phil and Aletta. Visit our other Etsy shop leatherscu

Glo's Place - Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Goode Wrapps - Sterling and gold jewelry featuring natural stones by artist Jon Goode.

goodkarma - goodkarma is hand-embroidered and hand-sewn bags, cases, knitting needle and crochet hook organizers, journals, and other accessories. kind goods for kind people.

Good News Carvers - Carved wooden signs and names.

GoodScents - Absolutely wonderful bath & body products (and home fragrance) using only the best ingredients. Affordable Luxury for Every Body!

Ikebana Vases by Gordon Ward - Naturalistic forms and textures are captured in high fired clays. A gallery of pieces for sale are listed with contact information.

Gowheele - Handmade felt finger puppets

Koumi Jewelry - Necklaces and earrings including drop, dangle and chandelier earrings. [Requires Flash]

Mill Creek Pottery - Functional and sculptural pottery handmade in the mountains of North Carolina.

Grandkids Puzzles - Children's jigsaws produced from photographs. A custom wooden display tray is included with each purchase.

Woodturnings By Antanas - Assorted woodturnings made to be enjoyed for the pure shape, form, feel and natural beauty.

Green Thing - Organically grown plants, seeds and recycled crafts. Green Thing specializes in all things green!

Cuz's Cuties - Features dolls modelled in 1980's style. Custom orders available.

Growing Up With Style - Whether you need it - or just want it - Growing Up with Style features a unique collection of products designed to celebrate the growth of your child - with style! Featuring many products from indie designers, Growing Up With Style is founded by the crea

Gryphon Jewelry Design - Handmade jewelry of stone, glass, pearl, and sterling silver. Products, show schedule, ordering, and contact information.

Sarah Guerry Pottery - Hand-thrown and hand-carved pieces glazed on the incised parts while exposing the natural clay in other areas.

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