Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Which Rat Has Won The Rat Race?

Which Rat Has Won The Rat Race?

For most of us, there are days that truly resemble rat races. It seems like no matter how hard we try, we just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Try as we might and organize our day the best we can nothing seems to come together. Don’t feel bad, it just means you are human. After all you have to remember that Murphy’s law is always at work.

With all marketing and advertising efforts, there are times when things just don’t work the way we thought they should. Some times you can discover the reason but often you can’t and probably never will. This is why I strongly believe in following these basic marketing and advertising principles.

1) Market and advertise as inexpensively as possible.
2) Market and advertise in as many different locations as possible. Don’t put all your eggs in a couple of baskets.
3) If something isn’t working, throw it out and move on. Don’t pour good money after bad.
4) 5 inexpensive graphic ads in different locations will draw more customers than 100 text based ads will.
5) Give your ad time to work. It usually takes a couple of months before you really start seeing the real effect of an ad. Most buyers want to see you in the same place for a number of weeks before they start developing trust in your business. They want to see that you are not a “Fly by Night” store before they will buy from you.
6) Don’t waste money on Click Through or PPC types of advertising. Unless you are willing to drop a whole lot of money, your link just isn’t going to show up high enough in a search engine to make it worth it. Also, your conversion rate will usually be so depressing you will want to quite all together.
7) Market and advertise to your target customers. Use good Niche Marketing and Advertising methods. Targeted marketing and advertising pays off much better than using the shotgun approach of throwing out an ad everywhere and hoping a few people will respond to it. Market and advertise to those who are most likely to buy from you.
8) Always advertise with the places that give you top notch excellent service. You are paying them, they aren’t paying you so you deserve the best service possible. Companies and web sites that go out of their way to take care of their customer (advertisers) will usually give you a much greater return on your advertising dollar also.
9) Don’t be afraid to experiment. Your products are unique and as such there isn’t any pat advertising method that will work for everyone. Try different thing, keep track of what work and what doesn’t, start combing those that work and discard those that don’t. This is how you lean what works best for you.
10) Cut yourself some slack. All marketing and advertising, even for the big players, is really one big learning curve. You are always in a state of trial and error. The more you lean, the more you realize you don’t know it all yet.

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