Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just For All Those Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory

I’m sure this news it will come as no shock to many readers but sales are down. We did a rather informal survey of a those listed in the directory last week and the results were not what we wanted to hear. Across the board and across the various categories we have in the directory, sellers reported an overall drop in sales. Some categories did better than others but on the whole sales were reported significantly down.

It’s also no surprise that the current economy is behind theses problems. When customers feel the pinch, they naturally postpone many purchases only buying what they consider to be really necessary or really great bargains. The temptation for many sellers is to start cutting prices which usually only reduces cash flow for the seller and in most instances is only a temporary solution. Reducing operating and productions costs where ever possible is a given but the big temptation to reduce marketing and advertising must be avoided at all costs.

The general consensus among business experts is that these are the times when marketing and advertising should be increased not decreased. The rational being that competition for those sought after customer dollars is greater during these time greater effort is required to capture them. The good news is this. Since there will be a large number of merchants who succumb to the temptation to reduce advertising, those that don’t give in to the temptation and continue or increase their marketing and advertising efforts are going to actually have a better chance of increasing their sales because they will stand out above those that have stopped or reduced their marketing and advertising.

I know what you are saying. “But I don’t have that much money to advertise with right now.” We here at The Hand Made Product Directory know and understand this. One aspect of our company creates and sells Country Rustic and Primitive home décor so we like you feel the sales pinch also. We also know that we are in a unique position to assist our fellow merchants at this time.

We have a plan that we believe will be of help driving traffic to your stores and at the same time save those taking advantage of it a significant amount of money. Our records clearly show that although the Home Page of the directory is first thing that the vast majority of shoppers initially see, it is through the various General Listings Pages where they head for. One would think that shoppers coming to the directory would use the Search Feature the most but our records are showing that Browsing by Categories is much more prevalent. Shoppers like to look through the Category pages to see what stores are represented. Again we are finding that the majority of shoppers leave the directory by clicking on one or more of these store listings. Since this is the case, it makes sense to focus our efforts at attracting customers in these pages.

Would saving 75% in advertising sound good to you? That’s what we are offering to you. Among the various advertising options available in the directory is one that specifically is geared towards the General Listing Pages. It provides those using it the greatest amount of visibility possible within these pages. It’s Option #4. Details of it can be found in the directory.

Along with this savings, comes the ability to list your products in three (3) of the most visited customer oriented promotional pages in the directory; the Gift Guide, the Style & Fashion page and the Home & Hearth page. Over 65% of every visitor to the directory stops by one or more of these pages to see what products are being shown.

Stop by the directory today, check out the details and see if this offer is one that will work for you.

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