Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Writing your store and product descriptions

I need to bring up a rather sore subject with some on line sellers so I will keep this very short. It’s the problem of the unbelievably poor descriptions some sellers write for their products and their store in general. Obviously running The Hand Made Product Directory, I see an awful lot of store and product descriptions. Some are pretty fair, some are really good but unfortunately many of them are very poorly written. A store or product description should be written like you would write an ad because in both cases they really are just that.

Far too many times these descriptions are written from the store owner’s perspective and not from the customers. That is the way the customer is going to see it.

There should be three parts to each ad (store description or product description).

- A header which really draws the readers attention. Use motivational trigger words.

- A description which not only describes the product or your store but also contains as many keywords or tags as is feasibly and practically possible and finally. This is how items are found in search engines.

- A a call to action. You want the reader to act on what they have just read. Buy Now, Act Today, Visit Us Now

There are a lot of better written and more detailed explanations about this all over the net which you can search out and read. You might just find that by doing some work on your scripts may have a significant impact on your sales.

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