Monday, February 9, 2009

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I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone when I say the area of jewelry is without a doubt the number one category of handmade products that probably has the most crafters creating unique and distinctive pieces. This is a lucky fact for me in that I always have a wide selection of stores and crafters to write about. It’s unlucky in that it always presents me with the problem of selecting which store and crafter to write about. There are just so many good ones, it’s overwhelming at times.

Today I want to introduce the reader to one of our newer stores at the Arcade, Garden Gate Designs . I’m going to quote a small piece of Rosemary’s, Garden Gate Designs owner’s, Arcade store announcement because it tell the reader better than I could a little about this talented artisan.

“Artisan made jewelry with an emphasis on vintage-like and jewelry making supplies. All one of a kind pieces. A self taught jewelry artist for the past nine years. I enjoy creating unique jewelry for others to wear and give. I have been on for over 2 1/2 years and recently opened a second shop on to feature vintage like jewelry.”

Let me add to this some things that I’m sure Rosemary is way to shy to say her self. It takes a considerable amount of talent and skill to create, or should I say reproduce, pieces of jewelry that fall into the Vintage area. For one thing, you have to do your homework to know just how any particular vintage piece you want to create was originally created. If you don’t have a proper understanding of the techniques used, all you end up with is a piece of jewelry that may look pretty good but it won’t have that touch of authenticity like those exhibited in Garden Gate Designs.

A jewelry artisan and that is what Rosemary is, must have the creativity to blend the skills required and that understanding while still keeping in mind today’s shoppers desires. This only comes with considerable practice and self direction that only comes from a natural inborn talent.

I won’t try to describe any specific jewelry piece because this writer simply isn’t qualified nor do I think I could even do partial justice in that arena. I will say that if the reader is in quest for some really nice and distinctive pieces of jewelry that has a hint of the past and yet would still look absolutely fabulous today, check out Garden Gate Designs.

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