Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Painting on the mysterious side

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I’m one of those people whose taste in paintings runs the full gambit from the very traditional to the very abstract and most things in between. Not that I’m anything that would be classified as a critic by any sense of the word because the only thing I know about art and paintings in particular is what I like and I definitely like the work found in Jordanka's Studio Gallery. Jordanka, the talented hands behind the brushes at Jordanka's Studio Gallery creates some really nice paintings.

Working in acrylics, she is quite capable of paints pictures where the subject matter runs from the rather traditional to those on the surreal side as the example picture above attests. I’m particularly partial to the surreal trees she paints and would like to tell our readers a little about them.

There is a mysterious quality to these paintings of trees that is very difficult to articulate in words. Combining the concepts of realistic trees with an ever present mystical and haunting impression, Jordanka’s tree paintings are like no others I’ve ever seen. Using rather striking and vibrant colors, Jordanka allows her trees stand out in the painting yet feel totally natural in their setting. Some of her tree painting are on the lighter side of emotions while others impart a sinister and foreboding feeling within the viewer.

If you like paintings and are looking for something different and distinctive, you don’t want to postpone stopping by Jordanka's Studio Gallery. Not only will you find really neat paintings but you will also find that their pricing is very reasonable. Jordanka also does some commission work for those who have a special request.

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