Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Although the majority of those who read our Store Review Blog are shoppers who use The Hand Made Product Shopping Directory and the Arcade to find products they are seeking, there is also a significant number of readers who are also sellers of these products. If you are like our man in the photo above, today’s post should be of interest to both these groups.

With the ever increasing growth of online selling, shoppers not only have a much wider diversity of products to shop from but they also have a much more difficult time finding that exact item they are looking for. Many shoppers actually spend much more time than they need to in their Product Quest. It is surprising to me that there are an increasing number of buyer of handmade products that haven’t realized that it is becoming very common for sellers of handmade products to have multiple online stores and to be selling on a number of different venues. In a large portion of these situations, sellers place different products in each of the different stores they have online. Unlike the Arcade where a seller can show all the products they have from all their stores, most online selling venues don’t allow a store owner on their site to promote their other stores, when a potential buyer doesn’t see what they are looking for in a specific store they assume that the seller is unable to help them. They are usually unaware that that seller could very well have exactly what they want in another one of the sellers’ stores. As a result, they quite naturally continue looking.

Some shoppers don’t know that their most effective shopping tool is actually their email account. Buyers might be surprised to hear that most store owners are very happy to receive emails from buyers looking for specific products. Those sellers with multiple stores can often save the shopper considerable time and effort if they have a product in another one of their stores that might fill that shoppers needs. Many who create and sell handmade products also take custom orders and in most instances can meet the shoppers’ requests at very reasonable prices.

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