Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have you tried using this advertising technique - Ambush Marketing?

No it isn’t standing behind a door and grabbing customers as they way by. Ambush marketing is a strategy used by companies to promote their brands at places usually without paying any fees for doing so. A classic example is about the Dutch buyers of Heineken beer who were given green hats to wear to the recent Euro 2008 football tournament. Anyone who tried to enter a stadium wearing one, however, as many fans did in 2008, were asked to remove them. It doesn’t always work.

Ambush marketing is very opportunistic. Its goal is to take advantage of situations which allow brands or products to get extra exposure at minimal or no cost. Sometimes that involves going right into the lions den and clashing head on with a competitor. Sometimes it requires stealth and more guerrilla-like tactics. Some times, you have to be down right sneaky.

What marketers and anyone who wants to promote themselves can learn is the strategy of seeking out people-saturated public spaces (online or offline) and seek to populate that area with your message. Beggars and poster street teams are all familiar with how to promote their agenda or needs in areas where people frequently pass through.

We have found that it does seem to be easier to pull some of these tactics in the physical world than on line but it can be done. Some times you can simple have some of your creations with you at all times. Now of course if you happen to make custom furniture, it isn’t too easy to be toting around a coffee table with you but if your creations are something that is manageable, this can work well. Wearing your items is great. Wearing pieces of clothing with your company info on it is also an option. I’m sure you can also think of other ways to implement these tactics.

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