Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sales Through The Back Door

We have this pizza restaurant just a few blocks from where we live that puts out some of the best pizza’s I’ve ever eaten and I’ve eaten a few in my life time. The also have a full line of Italian selections but pizza is their biggest seller. This restaurant has a nice dinning room that is always full and the service is great also. To top this off, the prices are really reasonable too. Although the restaurant is always full, this restaurant sells more pizza’s out the back door than they do in the restaurant. They don’t have a drive thru but never the less, more pizzas go out that back door than through the front. The biggest problem this restaurant has is that it never has enough parking and it would be near impossible to add any. This problem was the reason the restaurant wasn’t growing a few years ago. It have everything else, good food, good service, good atmosphere and good prices but too little parking.

How this restaurant overcame this problem and developed this selling oddity is so simple it would seem at first glance to that it would never work. They started spreading the word among their inside customers that if they just needed a pizza in a hurry and didn’t have time to stand in line in the regular seating area, just come to the back door. They also started printing this fact on the back of every receipt that they gave out. Word started to spread and within a few months, the back door was busier than the front.

You are probably asking what all this has to do with on line marketing. Actually a great deal. Many don’t see their on line store in the same way as they view an actual Brick and Mortar store. This is a bad mistake to make. When this type of thinking is in place, an on line store usually suffers for it.

Now my example isn’t normally considered the real meaning of Back End Sales but it is a good example for my purposes in this post. Usually when people think of Back End Sales they usually think of trying to sell a customer who has just bought something an additional item or service. Often promoting the new item as an adjutant to the initial item purchased. Actual Back End Sales can and do work to boost sales but there is another form of back end sales that is almost exclusive to on line sellers.

You really can equate Back End Sales to Back Links. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Back Link is any link to your web site that is on someone else’s web site. These Back Links can make or break an on line store for two reasons. First, most of the larger search engines rate a web site higher if they have a great number of other web sites with links pointing to you. In other words Back Links. Second, back links provide passive advertising that require almost zero attention to maintain. Couple with this the fact that when your Back Link is clicked on, it is usually be someone that already has been looking for what you sell. This being the case, it means that they are much more likely to purchase from you because they have a certain degree of trust in the site your web site has the link on. It’s a psychological thing but basically it boils down to the fact that since they trust this one web site, they think it is safe to trust your web site and your products. You have overcome a good portion of the initial sales hurdle.

If your not actively seeking out opportunities to set up Back Links, you are missing out on some valuable advertising opportunities and probably many sales.

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