Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Say Marketing With Email ??????

Email marketing has developed a really bad image because of all the spam we all are receiving these days. In fact many businesses are becoming extremely leery of doing any form of email marketing. This is unfortunate as using email effectively can result in increased sales with practically no effort on a store owners’ part.

The effectiveness of the technique I am about to describe will be proportionally effective based on the amount of email you receive and reply to plus the amount of regular email you generate yourself. The more you use email, the more effective this technique will be.

Practically everyone who uses email has a Signature on the bottom of their email. Most times it is simply text and text links. That was the only way you could have it for a very long time because very few people could see any graphics in an email. Today however, most email users are using email software that allows them to see a rich variety of graphic and even verbal content.

I received an email the other day from a store that had the right idea. Besides text and text links in their Signature, they had a linked graphic of some of their products which when clicked on took them to their web site. The graphic wasn’t obnoxious in size but sure caught my attention just like it was intended to. The graphic was a simple picture of several of the stores products. What made this stand out wasn’t its size of the products themselves but the fact that it was there in the first place took me by surprise.

Below is a workup I did using our email Signature. Our Signature isn’t normal. It’s much bigger than I would recommend for the average store owner. It will however give you the concept. If you want, you can ad some text above the image also.

If you don’t know how to slide a graphic into your email, your email program will have instructions on how to do it.

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