Friday, October 17, 2008

Earthy Jewelry For The Discriminating Wearer

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Jewelry making has always been a bit of a marvel to me. I guess I kind of envy those that have the talent to create great pieces. Considering the fact that jewelry, in one form or another, has been worn by us humans almost from our first steps on this earth, I have come to believe that there is almost something genetically encoded in us to like wearing jewelry. Exactly what that is, this old desert rat hasn’t a clue.

Although I like jewelry, I personally don’t wear it much. Except for a wedding ring. Working around a lot of power equipment doesn’t blend well with wearing jewelry. It’s one of those safety things. When I do however have the opportunity, I lean towards the more earthy designs like those found in Esmeralda Designs’ store.

It was difficult to pick a sample item for the picture you see above simply because of all the neat items in Christina’s store. Just from this one picture you can see the historical linkage and as she puts it in her store announcement “Soulful, Raw and Ethereal Designs for women and men made with eco-friendly methods. My pieces are like the diamonds I use; rough, beautiful and conflict-free”.

Looking at her creations gives me a feeling of stepping back in time. To a period where people had a closer relationship with mother earth and felt connected much more than most do today. If you are looking for something that will really stand out on either your hand or hung around your neck, Esmeralda Designs is the place to look.

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