Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Quilt is A Quilt - Or Is It?

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For those living in the colder parts of the country, that favorite warm and comfortable quilt has probably already come out of summer storage and is ready for use. For the rest of us who are sitting here in states like Arizona with 90 plus degree temperatures, we have to wait for the pleasure of cuddling up under ours.

It doesn’t make much difference where one lives, there seems to be a common thread of remembrance among many. That being remembered times of childhood when nothing gave a sense of warmth and security on a cold rainy or snowy winter night than that of wrapping up in a quilt made by loving hands by either our mother, grandmother or aunt.

For those like myself who grew up in rural farm country quilts were a very common item seen in almost any home around. Although the days of commonly seen quilting parties or Bees’ are not quite as common today they actually still exist, thank goodness. There are still skilled and nimble hands making beautiful quality quilts that those of us who wouldn’t know where to start to make one, can still experience those remembered times of years long past.

QuiltLover is one of those places where tradition and quality still have meaning. It’s also a store where one can find many different quilts (and new ones being added regularly) that will fill the shoppers needs. Although quilts are one of those things that can best be appreciated when one can actually hold them in ones hands, it is obvious (as seen from the picture above) that significant skill and pride goes into each item found in QulitLover’s store.

Quilts are not the only items to be found at Quiltlover’s either. You will find quilted Place Mats, Table Runners and even Lap Quilts and Pot Holders. Monika, the hands behind the quilts at Quiltlover is very versatile in here chosen craft and I wouldn’t be surprised if she couldn’t quilt up almost anything one could think of. The variety of colors found in her creations provide the shopper the ability to find something that would fit into almost any color scheme one might have.

Quality quilts are items that will last for generations and make great gifts that can be passed down for decades to come. When looking for a quilt, we suggest you stop by QuiltLover and discover for yourself the creations found in Monika’s store.

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