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I don’t know who or when the soap was invented but I’m pretty sure that the majority of people would agree with me that I’m glad it was. At least I am today. That wasn’t my thinking when I was a small child however. At the time, I had some pretty good reasons for thinking this way. Primarily because when I was a young child living on the farm, one of my chores was to help mother and grandmother make their home made soap. Yes, and it was good old fashion lye soap. If you have never had the experience of having the smell of cooking hog lard and lye sweep through your nostrils, let me just say you haven’t missed a thing.

Now that soap really cleaned and if you didn’t rinse it off real well, it could feel like it could keep on cleaning until it hit bone. My parents and grandparents have long passed on and I miss them more as I have grown older myself but I can’t say I really miss that old lye soap.

For a not too distant period of our history here in America, the art of soap making in the average American home was starting to fade into history also. Thank goodness we have today so many wonderful crafters who have taken up the mantle and are continuing, and I am glad to say, greatly improving this great old home craft. Crafters like

Indulgent Creations

There are so many different types of handmade soap to be seen in their store it isn’t practical to go into them here, you have to visit the store for yourself. Maybe one of these days however we will have the ability over the internet to be able to smell what we are looking at. Maybe they will even call it something like “SmellANet” or something like that. The point here is simple that you will find a wide variety of scents available also at Indulgent Creations. Here are some listed on their store for some of the products. Axe Snakepeel, Spring Rain , Pomegranate, Salty Sea Air , Axe Groove , Lilac , Waterfall Mist, Creamy Coconut , Moonlight Path, Raspberry Rhapsody , Citrus Smoothie, Pink Sugar , Juniper Breeze, Axe Essence, Freesia , Blue Sugar, Blueberry , Rosemary Mint , Baby Powder Fresh , Axe Phoenix, Axe Reload , Axe Touch, Coconut Lime Verbena , Hawaiian Sandalwood, Sweet Pea, Orange Chiffon Cake, Purple Cow, S'mores

Some people have the misconception that handmade soaps have to be really expensive. This isn’t true. Yes most handmade soaps are a little more expensive than the average hand and bath soap found in most grocery stores but when you consider the quality of the material that is being used by most handmade soap makers, it’s well worth it. Even at that the prices you will see at Indulgent Creations are very reasonable. They will even ship your purchase directly if you are buying it as a gift. You will even find some different shaped (besides square and rectangle) in the shop if you are looking for something unique in shape.

Quality products at good prices is what you will find at Indulgent Creations so stop in and check them out.

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