Monday, December 15, 2008

Earthy and Natural Jewelry of Note

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There is something about combining natural stones with precious metals that results in some very distinctive and attractive pieces of jewelry. The natural and earthy effect that results almost always provides the wearer with a piece of jewelry that almost always can be worn with a wide variety of clothing styles.

You would think that considering the fact that the earth is made up of rocks and the like, you would see more of this earthy natural jewelry than you do. It does take a pair of skilled hands and a keen eye to know and imagine what stones and metals will look good together. Andra, the owner of Silver Frog Designs has both.

The picture above, Andra calls a “Orange Sherbet Jasper Necklace” is just one of many distinctive pieces to be found in her shop. The shopper will find jewelry pieces in a variety of materials from crystals to Turquoise and others.

Although not one of the biggest jewelry stores online, Silver Frog Designs is certainly one of the most unique and distinctive for the materials used and how they are used. Shoppers will also appreciate the very reasonable prices of the pieces.

Shoppers looking for a gift for the holidays or for themselves should stop by Silver Frog Designs. I bet you will not leave empty handed.

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