Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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I don’t know if it is just me but I seem to be seeing more and more really talented and skilled potters and clay workers lately. At one time you really had to search all over to find them. Just the other day I cam across another unique and distinctive place to buy some great pieces of pottery and clay works.

Scrumdidlyump has been online for some time and why I hadn’t seen it before now is beyond me because I’m always looking for artisans of distinctive pieces of pottery. That’s what the shopper will find at Scrumdidlyump. Skillfully made, creative and functional art are the key words for Scrumdidlyump. There are just too many different pieces in Katie’s, Scrumdidlyump’s store owners’ store to try and describe them. I just refer the reader to the above picture as a single example of the products to be found in the store.

Just where Katie got the ideas for her creations is something I look forward to asking her because there are some super pieces in her store that I haven’t seen in any other place online. If you are looking for a great piece to augment your home d├ęcor, be sure to stop by Scrumdidlyump.

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