Monday, December 8, 2008

Presents for your four legged friends

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If you have a pet and particularly a dog, today’s post is especially for you. Many dog owners consider their dog more than just a pet. Many, myself included consider our dogs as part of the family. Well, when it comes to Christmas, we never want to leave any family member out when it’s time to open the presents.

This year, consider visiting Maddies Closet for that perfect gift for that four leg member of the family. Designer collars and leashes are Valerie’s, Maddies Closet’s owners’ forte. Now I know that Fido would probably rather get a big T bone steak but I think you will find a new collar or leash a little more practical and considering the price of meat these days, very probably less expensive.

In all seriousness, Valerie has a very nice selection of collars and leashes to select from plus a selection of sizes to accommodate your needs. I guess I should say your dogs’ needs. I’m not sure how much your friend will care about the patterns and colors on Valerie’s collars but I’m sure shoppers will appreciate all the colors and patterns to select from.

All the collars I saw in Valerie’s store appear to have good size leash connection rings which makes it easier for attaching the leash and the collars appear extremely well made and sturdy. Add to all this a very reasonable price and any item the shopper selects will certainly be appreciated. At least by the shopper. You will have to ask you furry friend for their opinion.

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