Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great products + Great savings = Happy Shopping at Nicki Leigh’s

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According to my calendar, there are just 9 days left to finish us your Christmas shopping. Hopefully you are almost done. Usually by this time those early shoppers, which I am not one of, have the majority of their larger gifts purchased. The task now is finding all those smaller gifts that always are needed.

I’d like to recommend a store today that can probably fill many of those empty gift slots you may have yet to fill. Nicki Leigh is one of those nice and comfortable stores where their products, which primarily fall into the Bath & Beauty category, don’t require the shopper having to figure out what someone would like. There isn’t anything in Nicole’s, Nicki Leigh’s store owner, store that wouldn’t be appreciated.

From soaps to lip balms there is something you will like. There are too many different scents to go into here but I’m sure there is one that will catch your fancy. Pricing is always a big factor these days so I’m sure shoppers will be glad to hear that I didn’t see anything in the store over $10.00.

Great products + Great savings = Happy Shopping at Nicki Leigh’s

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