Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Functional pottery worth showing off

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I know this blog is not going to be of any help for this years holiday gift shoppers but it sure will be one that anyone who likes pottery is going to like, regardless of the time of year. A newly listed store in the directory called Twisted River Clayworks is one store that truly is worth a look-see.

I want to quote what Ronald, the owner of Twisted River Clayworks says in their store announcement area simply because I’d just be typing the same thing anyway in this review. “Our pottery is unique and eclectic, created using the potter's wheel, slabs of clay and other creative additions. All of our work is functional and made of stoneware. Our glazes are certified food safe and contain no lead.”

Ronald’s words “Unique and eclectic” are seriously an understatement. Even simple pieces like a mug provide a whole new perspective to pottery. Twisted River Clayworks is a busy store with a lot of sales and the reason is simple. They create some really neat pieces.

Adding real style and uniqueness to functional pottery takes skill and a significant amount of creativity. I didn’t see a single piece in the store that didn’t exhibit both these qualities. I know that Christmas is tomorrow and everyone is busier than they probably want to be but take a break and take a look at some really distinctive pieces of pottery at Twisted River Clayworks.

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