Thursday, May 1, 2008

Are You Using Guerrilla Marketing?

Many readers have heard of Guerrilla Marketing but few really understand what it really takes to make Guerrilla Marketing work. The use of the word “Guerrilla” wasn’t chosen lightly when the phrase was developed. When one thinks of a guerrilla, once usually equates the word “aggressive” with it. I guess they could have called the marketing technique “Wild Bull Marketing” but it doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.

The original concept of guerrilla marketing has changed just as marketing itself has changed. There are some concepts that have to be understood and implemented if you are going to make Guerrilla Marketing work for you.

If you run your business by these guerrilla marketing concepts you will rep the rewards. There are a number of these concepts and I will be going over them in this and our next post.

You Must Have Commitment

The active word here of course is Commitment. You do know that a mediocre marketing program with commitment will always be more profitable than a brilliant marketing program without commitment. The word “Commitment” as used here is used as a verb with makes it an active agent. Commitment is what makes things happen.

It Will Require An Investment

Many think that marketing is an expense, but it really isn’t. It’s an investment. And if done correctly, the best investment available in a business. If you use these concepts as a guide, you will be doing it correctly.

You Have To Be Consistent

Trust between a business and a customer doesn’t develop over night. It takes time before any customer will develop trust in you. Too much change is bad. If you change your marketing methods too much, you're hard to trust. Consistency in your marketing and repetition are two great allies of the guerrilla.

You Must Be Confident

In a nationwide test to determine why people buy, price came in fifth, selection fourth, service third, quality second, and, in first place, people said they patronize businesses in which they have confidence.

You Will Need To Be Patient

The concept of Patience and Commitment go hand in hand. If whoever is running your marketing isn’t patient, it will be difficult to practice commitment.

You Need An Assortment Of Marketing Techniques

Guerrilla marketers know that in most instances, a single marketing weapons rarely works on its own. Using combinations of techniques do work. You will need a wide assortment of marketing tools to woo and win customers.

It Must Be Convenient To Do Business With You

Who ever originally said time is money must have not been thinking clearly that day because in reality time is not money, it's far more valuable than money. Respect this by being easy to do business with and running your company for the convenience of your customers, not yourself.

Your Goal Is Subsequent Repeat Business

A single sale is great but the real profits come after you've made the sale, in the form of repeat and referral business. Most who do not use Guerrilla Marketing tend to think marketing ends when they've made the sale. Those that use it know that's when marketing begins.

Keep Your Marketing Amazing

There will always be elements of your business that you take for granted, but prospects would be amazed if they knew the details. Be sure your marketing reflects that amazement.

Tomorrow we will finish up on these concepts

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