Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two New Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Stores

I will be posting this entire message on the “indiepublic” page and in the “Craft Marketing Central” page tomorrow. There are a few of our readers who already have heard this news.

We are happy to announce that we have placed on line in The Hand Made Product Directory 2 new pages in the directory that we believe will be receiving a great deal of customer traffic over the next weeks and months ahead. These pages are called “Style & Fashion” and “Home & Hearth”. The purpose of these pages is to allow your customers to see a large selection of products all at one time. The concept is very much like Tie-In selling. Judy sees a necklace and a dress that she believes will look really good together. It doesn’t make any difference that they are from different merchants. She ends up buying both pieces. Each picture is linked to the appropriate sellers’ stores’ Sales Page just like they are in the Gift Guide.

We believe these two new pages will drive a lot of traffic to the stores that have listed products in them. Yes the pages are sparse now, but we just put them up yesterday and we expect them to fill up rapidly. The more items showing on these pages, the bigger the draw for potential customers. We also believe that once a customer comes to your store, they will want to look around and see what else that particular store might have that they might want to purchase.

These pages are not going to be listed under the normal “Browse by Category” directory listing. We are placing graphic links to these pages in strategic places which we believe will best catch the attention of you potential customers.

You can visit the pages by clicking on the graphic links on the left side of the Home Page and many other locations in the directory. To learn more about having your products listed on these pages just click the “Submit A Store” tab at the top of any page. You want to go to “Option 7”.

If you haven’t already placed your store in the directory, you should do so today.

Want To Increase The Traffic To Your Store? Get Listed In The Hand Made Product Directory Today!

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