Monday, May 19, 2008

Success Tips For Good Socialized Marketing

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Using Forums are a great way to promote your business. To find them start by looking for forums that your customers use. Using keyword phrases in search engines is a good way to start looking. Be aware however that there’s a RIGHT way to promote your business in public forums… and a WRONG way. Since forums are places where people gather to chat and exchange FREE information — they’re not interested in being sold to. Here are some tips that will help you.

Don’t just jump in. Hang around a forum reading the various comments before you start commenting. This will help you find out what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable in your posts.

Your focus should be on "relationship selling". Sell yourself, NOT your product. Unless you want to enrage the other participants, don’t post blatant "buy my product" advertisements. There are exceptions to this rule and you will be able to tell once you have been on a forum for a while. Instead, look for opportunities to respond to questions with the exact information the people asking the questions are looking for. The trick is to sit back, listen, and wait for legitimate opportunities to share your expertise. This will help you gain the community’s respect and develop a solid relationship with your target market.

In most forums, your "sig file" is your best form of advertising so give your “sig file” some thought. Most “sig files” are three- to six-line footer that you can attach to the bottom of your forum postings. Always make sure your sig file contains your name and site URL as well as a link to an informative article or newsletter subscription article!

Once you’re a regular forum participant, invite other participants to visit your site whenever you add something interesting or new to it (such as a new article or a holiday edition of your service). Just post a short note about the changes you’ve made then invite them to check out your website themselves.

Article posting is one of our favorite forum promotion strategies — and it’s one for the fastest ways to get instant sales from forums. The trick is to write an article that’s full of valuable information your target market is going to be excited to get their hands on. Then, at the end of your article, include a short biography that plugs your product!

There are two types of forums: ones that accept advertising and ones that don’t. You will find you will do better if you stick to posting in forums that don’t accept advertising.

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