Sunday, May 11, 2008

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Shopping is more fun when you find incredible quality at incredible prices! Over 5000 Stores To Shop From

There may be some readers who do not know about the many resources both for shoppers and for store owners that can be found on The Hand Made Product Directory. Since we need to start somewhere, let me start with the resources for shoppers.

You will find on The Hand Made Product Directory over 5000 different stores from around the world that create and sell unique handmade and handcrafted products. All the online stores found here have been handpicked for their quality and uniqueness of product. Every store listed in the directory creates and sells unique handmade and handcrafted products. It is our aim to provide you with some of the best stores online and an incredibly rewarding shopping experience. On the directory there is what we call the “Now On Sale” page. This page is where stores that are holding sales in their stores tell the world about it. Are you looking for a craft oriented event? Check out our “Events” page. Need an idea for a gift? Check out our “Gift Guide”. Like reading the blogs by store owners? Check out the “Store Owners Blogs” page. While you are there, check out the “Store Coupon” page and see what stores have coupons listed for their store.

Store owners will also find a wealth of services and resources for their use on The Hand Made Product Directory. Besides the ability to list their store in the directory for free, there are several other Listing Upgrades available at very economical prices. Probably some of the lest expensive on line. All of the pages I mentioned above are available for the use of store owners. There is a “Resource” page that has many other resources that store owners are welcome make use of. Store owners have the ability to join free of charge our Craft Marketing Central group on indiepublic which is a group of other store owners that share marketing and advertising ideas. Those that have chosen Listing Upgrades have additional advantages such as their ads traffic reports and several other perks. If you are a store owner and create and sell handmade or handcrafted products and you are not yet listed in the directory, you should be. Check us out and see if you don't think The Hand Made Product Directory is a unique and useful asset to add to your marketing and advertising arsenal.

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