Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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There are many stores in the directory under the Bags & Purses category and the products they carry range from the absolutely wild to the very sophisticated. This makes it a little difficult to select a store to review from this category. To compound the situation is the fact that I’m not an expert in this area either. Thankfully my wife is more in tune to these types of things than I am and I rely heavily on her input in those matters that I fall short in. Any married men reading this will easily relate to my situation.

When I go shopping for holiday presents for the wife, among all the other presents is at least one purse or handbag or something in that line. It’s kind of one of those family tradition things. I can always count on at least one pair of socks and she can always count on at least one purse or bag of some sort.

I learned early on in our marriage that it was best not to go after the really sophisticated looking items in this area. I’m about as sophisticated as a old army mule. As such, I look for two maim elements in a purse or handbag. It has to be functional and it has to be somewhat cute. Not crazy but it has to look nice and have the ability to be used in more than one types of dress situation.

Within the directory is a store called The Laughing House. It of course focuses on handbags and purses and the like. They carry a wide variety of items in this category from 3in1 Organizer Clutch Purses to Make up kits and small purses. Although I doubt that any woman would carry one of the products found in The Laughing House to the Presidential Inaugural Ball, most of the items found here would be more than suitable for most other occasions.

They also do custom work and as their store announcement says, there is “over 30 designer fabrics to choose from”. If the colors and patterns seen in their store are any indication, I think it would very difficult for a shopper not to find a color or pattern to meet their needs. Having such a wide variety of product types also is another nice advantage for the shopper. For me to try and describe the products here would be a waste of both our times since I wouldn’t know where to begin. I think however that the picture above give the reader a pretty good idea of what I’ve been saying here.

I didn’t see anything in The Laughing House that was what could be called out of line from a cost perspective either. Being able to purchase really nice items like they carry and do it in an affordable manner just adds to the “Shopper Friendly” atmosphere in The Laughing House. I believe that even us slightly intimidated male shoppers would find shopping there very enjoyable.

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