Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knitting worth any amount of money

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I have nothing but profound respect to those who are able to create items with either large or small needles. Being what one might called “Needle Challenged”, I can’t help but admire those who are not. When I come across a talented crafter who is capable of actually being able to knit really well but also one that has an eye for fashion, style and color, I like to point our readers in that persons direction.

Today, I want to point our readers to LolaBear's Needleworkatorium . Linda, the store owner has a fantastic selection of items for the shopper to choose from. Even some holiday ornaments. Another nice thing the shopper will find at LolaBear’s is some great pricing which every shopper will appreciate.

As if the first two reasons mentioned weren’t sufficient motivation for a trip to LolaBear’s, Linda has some of the neatest looking creations you could think of. Having a very good eye for the use of colors and patterns in her creations, certainly has helped Linda come up with products that will be greatly appreciated by whoever receives any of her creations this holiday season.

With winter upon us or almost upon us depending on what part of the country you live in, warm knitted items are always appreciated. Regardless of that gift recipients age, there is something pleasing for everyone in LolaBear’s Needleworkatorium.

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