Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looking through colored glass is wonderful

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For many, when they think of stained glass, they usually think of windows. There are however hundreds of other uses and places where stained glass is not only found but used. If you have ever had to replace a window and have to cut the glass itself, you know that there is a bit of skill required just to make a straight line break, let alone curves and angles.

Creating stained glass goes back centuries and is a very old and honored craft. In the past, a stained glass artisan was very highly valued and their skills were honed over many years of practice and training. It still takes a long time to learn the craft before one could be considered a Master in the craft.

Carrie, the hands behind Designed With Glass certainly knows her craft. The picture above is just one example of the many different products that can be found in her store. From stained glass panels to stained glass planters and candle holders the shopper will have plenty of choices to select from.

There is a wealth of imagination at work in her creations and as she says in her store announcement, “If you or I can dream it, it can be created with glass!”. From what I can see in her store and from pictures of other items she has created, I sure can believe her statement.

You might think stained glass creations are expensive. You wouldn’t know it by the very reasonable prices of Carries’ creations. When I say “very reasonable”, I mean it. I know the amount of work that goes into stained glass creations. If anything, working with stained glass has to be one of the more labor intensive crafts simply because the more detailed the creation, the more the difficulty factor increases. Having a well made stained glass creation is something that will be cherished for many years and is something that you will not regret buying. Be sure and stop by their store and check out the fantastic products found there.

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1 comment:

Studio618 said...

This piece looks very much inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. I like it.