Friday, November 21, 2008

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When you go shopping for a purse or bag at a regular retail store you can be pretty sure you will find the usual types of straight laced and for the most part pretty nondescript types of bags and purses we are all familiar with. When one wants something a little different, something that is on the fun side, these items are hard to find.

Luckily there are online stores like Melissa Brodsky Designs, formerly Black Sheep Bags . Although bags and purses aren’t the only things to be found in this wonderful store, they are the items that are the focus of this review. The two words “Imagination” and “Creativity” are certainly seen in Melissa’s store and her creations. By incorporating the elements of colors, shapes and sizes into each piece Melissa creates, she has come up with some very nice and great looking bags and purses.

The picture above is just one sample of a wide variety of items the shopper is able to choose from. Not everything in Melissa’s store is a brightly colored as my example above, there are more subdued colors and shades depending on the needs of the item themselves. Melissa clearly knows what works best with what style.

It is also evident that Melissa knows how to incorporate style and functionality within her creations. I could easily imagine ach piece I looked at in her store being capable of being used under more than just one circumstance or occasion. I know personally that I just hate buying something that I can only use once and then has to sit in a closet for the rest of eternity.

Stop in at Melissa’s store and see for yourself and see some of the neatest items around.

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