Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Through out our countries history, quality and artistic pieces of pottery have been created and likewise have been in demand by those of us who are clay-challenged. Although decorative items have always been sought out, it has been the functional pieces of pottery that end up being cherished by their owners and passed down for generations.

Here is a little quiz for you. Can you tell me what the above picture is? It’s a ceramic Garlic Keeper and it was created by JN Pottery . This is just one of many unique and distinctive pieces of pottery to be found in Judy’s store. You might say she is the hands behind JN Pottery. Functional pottery is Judy’s forte but if she ever decides to create just decorative pieces I’m sure she could very easily. The skill and imagination behind the pieces in her store attest to her ability.

We are not the only ones that consider the work of JN Pottery to be really good. In the Nov/Dec, 2008 issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine, JN Pottery was mentioned as of the stores they recognized while they were doing an article on Etsy stores. With all the other stores that sell pottery on Etsy, JN Pottery stood out to the author of the article which certainly means they were impressed. Unfortunately Merrimack Valley Magazine doesn’t put their full articles online but a scan of the article can be read at these two places.

Page 1-

Page 2-

Quality, artistic ceramics and pottery are always well worth their price. What is nice about JN Pottery is that you can obtain both, quality and artistic ability without spending a lot of money. With a great selection of great pieces to choose from and great pricing, JN Pottery is simply a great place to find that pottery piece you are looking for. Stop in today and see if you don’t feel the same way we do.

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