Thursday, November 20, 2008

Useful and Pretty Handbags and Tote Bages

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I’ve been asked how I select a store to be reviewed. Believe me it isn’t easy. With all the great stores listed in the directory and increasing daily, it is getting even more difficult. There are a lot of things that guide my decision. Product quality, the apparent skill of the crafter, product pictures, product pricing, shipping charges, the general appearance of the store are just a few of the things I look for.

Today’s store review is of a store that not only more than meet the items I mentioned above but also has store name that really caught my attention. No No's Sew Hip Creations . Just how Noella, the stores’ owner came up with the name, I’m not sure but I have an idea. Anyway, Noella’s store isn’t a big store yet but I expect it will be once shoppers find out just what great products she has in it.

Really nice looking Handbags and Tote Bags are what the shopper will find in Noella’s store. With a good selection of colors and styles and the fact that Noella does custom work, her store is a nice place to start your shopping for these products.

One of the elements of Noella’s creations that stands out to me is the functionality of her creations. She creates products that would appeal to almost any shopper searching for her types of products. Another thing that caught my attention was the very reasonable pricing of her creations. I have yet to run across a shopper who doesn’t like buying a great product and buying it at a great price.

Stop by No No's Sew Hip Creations and see if one or more of her creations isn’t a perfect fit for that holiday gift your looking for. Better yet, buy one for a gift and one for yourself.

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1 comment:

Noella said...

Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog!!! you are right I am creating new things every day! Well, after work that is..LOL..How I came up with my name is through a nic name people gave me when I grew up in Massachusetts...Noella was not a usual name in the US as it is here in the nic name No No kinda stuck with me..