Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Handmade clothing takes on many styles and forms. From the ordinary to the outlandish. With the diversity of tastes that exist in shoppers, having a wide selection of clothing pieces to choose from certainly not only makes it nice for shoppers but it also can make the actual selection process somewhat overwhelming. However, as my wife says “that is what makes shopping fun”.

Many shoppers specifically seek out the slightly unusual and different. Items that you surely will not find in JC Penny’s or Walmart. For those shoppers, I suggest you stop in at Funky Devaz . As Satya, the owner of Funky Devaz says in her store announcement, “This is where we put the Fun back in Funky..This little bit of Creative Heaven has a very Eclectic mix of all Eras. Out of my stash of vintage and retro fabrics, fashion’s ,jewelry and what not, I weave a giddy collection of One of a kind pieces for your wearing pleasure. A lover of all things victorian, romantic and psychedelic and a firm believer of reusing our resources in creative ways.”

The picture above of a “Susy Homemaker Apron” is one many unique and distinctive items to be found at Funky Devaz. If you are in to eclectic and era oriented clothing, you will love what Satya has to offer. Each piece in her store testifies to the imagination and creativeness of the hands behind the needle and cloth of each piece.

Another splendid reason to stop by Funky Devaz is the very reasonable prices you will find there. Regardless of the thickness of their wallet or purse, shoppers can find something, or several something’s, that will please them. Combine to this the eco friendly philosophy of the store and you have a winning recipe for a great shopping experience. Adding it all up, Funky Devaz is one of those stores that are just plain fun to shop in.

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