Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If you are looking for a really clean desert, check these out.

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Does the picture above make you hungry? Well, I wouldn’t try eating it. It may look good enough to eat but it’s actually soap. It’s called Peanut butter cookie bundt cake SOAP. Jessica, its creator runs Patisserie Jolie and her store is full of tasty treats like the one seen above.

If you think soap is soap, you are in for a surprise when you visit Patisserie Jolie. Have you ever heard of Rum nut cake soap? Or how about Cherry Almondine or Strawberries and Champagne soap? These are just a few of the tempting soaps for shoppers to choose from in her store. You are going to have to visit her store to learn about all the other desert inspired soaps she has.

It is clear that Jessica has a great imagination and I am looking forward to what new desert scented soaps she dreams up. Since we never pre-notify those store owners when we are going to review their store, we always want it to be a surprise, I’ve not talked to Jessica to ask her how she formulates the scents. You can bet however that she probably spent a great deal of time and effort developing the formulas.

This tells me she takes great pride in her work and you can be pretty sure that what you buy will be something special. Unless you are on one of those diets like my doctor has me on – I can eat anything I don’t like types of diets – be sure to stop by and pick up several pieces of desert for yourself and for presents this holiday season.

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