Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Perfect Gift For That Really Hard To Shop For Person

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The picture above is of Ceramic Leaf Soap Dishes. To say the least very unique and I doubt you will see too many of these well made and distinctive items in any regular retail stores either. This is just one of the many unique and imaginative pieces found in a store called Happylake

Happylake is one of those stores that simply is difficult to describe because of all the absolutely great distinctive pieces of pottery in it. I like what they say in their store announcement, “Everything is created with fun and durability. The living is easy here in the lake country of northern Indiana. My inspiration comes from the bountiful wildlife and freshwater lakes!”. I’m glad that statement is there because it best describes the inspirational source behind all these great pieces much better than I could.

The use of natural complimentary colors appears to be a very deliberate act as every piece I could see was so well balanced in color and tone it just couldn’t be accidental. The very reasonable pricing must also be mentioned as the creations found in the store are a great value for any shopper.

Besides looking great in probably anyone’s home, another good reason to pick up a piece or two from Happylake is that almost any piece in the store would make a great holiday gift. Even if you have one of those hard to shop for gift recipients this holiday season it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking whatever you pick out here.

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