Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Art to hang on your wall and also hang on you

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Now here is a store that is a little different. Shabby Accumulations has not only some really nice art you can hang on your wall but also some that you can hang on you. Although not the largest store we have ever reviewed, Shabby Accumulations does have a very respectable selection for shoppers in both the areas of art prints, aceo, and art jewelry.

How does on describe art in words alone? Not very easily for this writer so I refer the reader to the picture above for a sample of what can be found at Shabby Accumulations. I can tell the reader that there is a nice selection of pieces to be found in their store. I like what is written in their store announcement for a nice description of their store. “It is where retro meets vintage and shabby meets chic. Home of hand created, vintage revamped jewelry and and sometimes' sweet, sometimes scary photographs and artwork.”

Many think nice art has to be expensive. Not so. For those seeking to purchase some nice art and do it without having to have six figure income, you will like the very reasonable prices in the store also.

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