Friday, January 23, 2009

Eclectic by any other name is still means diverse

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For those who lean towards the Eclectic, we have a unique store for you today. It’s called Eclectic Oddities and what the shopper will find is a nice selection of products that are all a little bit on the different side. Nothing radical but different enough to be interesting and very nice.

I like how Judith the owner of Eclectic Oddities describes herself and her store in her store announcement. She almost covered most of what I was going to say in this review “Eclectic Oddities is a collection of handmade items, created by a retired art teacher with too much time on her hands, and an overactive drive to keep busy! Each item is one of a kind, and in some cases the style may be the same, but the materials vary, so that each piece is an original. You will find fiber/wearable arts, jewelry, paper goods, odd bits/pieces and misc. clothing articles.”

What I do want to add is that her creations are really very nice and attractive and are also very reasonably priced. Each item clearly demonstrates Judith’s wide variety of skills and creativeness. She also isn’t intimidated in here use of colors or styles. Stop by today and take a look at these really nice and distinctive products Judith has made available to shoppers.

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