Monday, January 26, 2009

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I haven’t done any kind of survey or poll about this but I feel fairly safe in saying that there is a large number of those who are interested in handmade and handcrafted products that tend to lean towards the earthy, natural, organic elements that tend to be present in so many handmade and handcrafted items. Personally, I think in my case, part of the reason is that I’m an old desert rat who has lived a large portion of his life on the back side of the Arizona deserts and mountains. The fact that I’ve been around since just after God dropped the first cactus here in Arizona probably also has a bearing on it.

Products themselves that have that earthy, natural and organic feel and characteristics to them seem to be a popular item among shoppers also. A great example of an online store that carries products of this type is Foret . Although jewelry makes up a large portion of the items Elizabeth, Foret’s store owner, has in her store, the shopper will find many other very nice and original and distinctive items. The composite photo above will give the reader a small sample of the unique and special items Elizabeth has available for shoppers.

The use of natural elements in her pieces is a perfect example of how Elizabeth has developed a skill and technique for combining these natural elements with a simple elegance into her pieces. Although I didn’t ask her, it appears to this viewer that there is an underlying concept of functionality deliberately designed into Elizabeth’s creations also. This combination provides the shopper with being able to wear these pieces in a wide variety of situations and circumstances.

Elizabeth has taken her skills and techniques and added a nice portion of her natural creativity to make an almost endless variety of products any shopper would be hard pressed not falling in love with. Take this writers advise and stop into Foret’s and see how many item you fall in love with. By the way, there is a nice Valentine’s Day sale taking place at Foret’s that you should check out.

Celebrate Your Love Sale At Foret's

Shop for your Valentine right through February 14th!

10% discount on One Item

20% discount on Two Items

25% discount on Three or More Items

Free upgrade to Priority shipping on all purchases. All items are shipped via USPS with Delivery Confirmation and all purchases over $50 are Insured.

CONVO please with your selections and wait for a ‘Reserved For’ link with corrected price.

PLEASE NOTE: You must convo first for the sale prices to go through.

Happy shopping!

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