Monday, January 12, 2009

CPSIA is going to cost you money

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Today’s blog post is being directed towards shoppers of children’s handmade products. You may or may not be aware of a new law that takes effect in February 2009. This new law is called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Ace (CPSIA). This new law, if it goes into effect as currently written, is going to significantly and negatively impact you.

The law is pretty complicated but basically what it was written in hopes of addressing issues caused by the use of certain chemicals like lead and certain other chemicals found in some children’s products. On the surface, the law sounds logical and appropriate but built within this new law are elements that will radically impact your ability to purchase children’s products.

Initially the law was intended to address the problem of imports from certain other countries but in addressing this issue, the writers of the bill have sounded death knell for many who create and sell handmade products geared towards children under 12 years of age. It will also cause most mass produced products to significantly go up in price if not disappear all together.

The main problem stems from the requirement that every product will need to be independently tested and certified. This is a heavy cost that for the majority of those who create and sell handmade products geared towards children simply can’t afford to have done. Even if they could, it would result in them having to raise their prices to such a point that the products wouldn’t be saleable. The result will be if the law isn’t changed is that you the shopper will no longer be able to buy handmade children’s products and the mass produced ones that you will find on the market will be extremely more expensive.

What is so frustrating to all of us is the simple fact that the overwhelming majority of contaminated products are being produced out of the country and not within the US. In their efforts to address the issue of importing contaminated products, they have created a problem that is going to be much worse. It is obvious that this bill was poorly thought out and the subject poorly investigated. Otherwise they would have found out the real facts.

If this bill goes into effect in its current form, it is not only going to be devastating for handmade product sellers, it is going to cost the government a big piece of change. It appears that the government doesn’t care, or probably never considered, the loss it will take from lost income taxes and sales taxes. Guess who is going to be paying for this lost revenue? Every tax payer in higher taxes.

There are far too many elements and aspects of this bill to go into in a simple blog post but we are encouraging every reader of this post to do a simple Google search of of “CPSIA” and read up for themselves on this issue because it does effect you. Then contact their local representatives and senators and let them know how you feel.

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