Friday, January 30, 2009

Great photography requires a talented photographer

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It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t appreciate quality and distinctive photography. Of course likes and dislikes in relationship to photography are about as the number of people on this planet so it’s a very good thing there isn’t a shortage of subject material for photographers to work with. Nature itself has always been a favorite subject for many photographers and Joanna's Photography is one of the better examples of how skill, technique and that special insight a great photographer needs has been interwoven to create and capture little slices of this world and people for all posterity.

The sample photo above is one of my favorites in Joanna’s store. The solitude and contemplative aspects of the photo almost jump at you. Other photographs in her store are on the other end of the emotional spectrum with examples of almost everything in between. Shoppers will be able to find something in Joanna’s store to fit whatever their need, mood and desire might be.

Joanna’s is very keen on meeting her customer’s needs because it appears that almost any piece in her store can also be customized in almost any reasonable size to fit the customer’s needs. Another very pleasing aspect of the store is it’s very reasonable pricing.

It’s obvious that Joanna isn’t an inexperienced armature photographer as can be seen from the photographs in her store. It’s nice to see however that she still has and exhibits a fresh and unique perspective to each photograph she takes. These qualities are sometimes lost when that special subject matter insight begins to fade. That certainly hasn’t happened in Joanna’s case. Each photograph I saw is very unique and special.

I probably should tell the reader to plan on spending some time in her store because you are going to have difficulty deciding on which of her photographs to buy. They are all so good. Buy several and make it easy on yourself.

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HandiCrafts said...

Joanna is a very talented photographer! I love her photos! :)

Allie said...

Great feature on one of etsy's greatest talents!

Maciej said...

this picture is beautiful... i just love Joanna's photos, they are so personal, she puts her soul in every one of them...

Julie Magers Soulen said...

One of my favorite photographers on Etsy! Love the featured photo.