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Are you going crazy trying to market and promote all your stores?

If you have more than one store or have multiple stores on different venues, have you noticed that the marketing and advertising for them all can get a little crazy trying to keep track of where you have promoted which store and which products. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself wondering which store to promote each day, which products to promote from which store, which store do you send casual contacts too. If you’re finding that all this is becoming overwhelming, start thinking about all the extra time you are spending. Wouldn’t it be great to condense all that marketing and promoting and at the same time still have all your other stores and of course the sales and advertising those venues themselves do? There is a way to do it.

For quite some time we here at The Hand Made Product Shopping Directory have listened to store owners who have expressed frustration with all the time and energy they have had to expend in marketing and promoting their various stores and products. When a seller has multiple stores, they have the problems mentioned above and particularly which store to send a potential customer to. It became obvious to us that what was needed was a way for store owners to be able to market and advertise all their stores and their products in one centralized location and do it extremely inexpensively. A single location a store owner can refer potential customers to that would allow that customer the ability to see every product that seller has available. Not another store in traditional sense but something like a store that provided the customer with real product information and the ability to, with one click, be in the particular store that particular product is being sold from.

This is exactly what an Arcade Store Front is. It’s like having another store without all the hassles. Each Arcade store has its own URL (example: that you can send your potential customers to and not worry that they won’t see all your products. Arcade store owners can list as many products as they wish and from almost any existing online selling venue. There is no need for another customer payment system and all those hassles since every listed product in a particular Arcade store links to that particular product in the appropriate actual store that product is sold from.

If you wanted to you could think of an Arcade store as your main store and all your other stores as departments within that store. With an Arcade store you can list in say Etsy what sells best through Etsy, in your Artfire store, list what sells best there and in your Cafepress store what sells best there and so on. With an Arcade store you can do this without the worry that a customer won’t see your other products either.

Here is what makes Arcade stores really different. If you are tired of the product photos shoppers initially see in your store look a little crazy because most selling venues size their thumbnail photos into a standardized size throughout the selling venue, you’ll like the fact that each listing is reviewed by real people before it goes on line and each photo is sized proportionately so shoppers see your products the way they should look. Shoppers don’t just see a picture and a title, they see a real product description of the product as well as a title and photo. When a shopper clicks on the photo, they instantly go to that items sales page on what ever store the Arcade store owner normally sells that product from. There they make their purchase. Shopper confusion about Shipping and Terms of Sale are reduced because these facts are also on every page in an Arcade store owner’s store. So is a Profile and your store owners comments. All this is possible because all Arcade stores, product pictures and product descriptions are human edited prior to going online.

Think of it! No more business cards and other ads with half a dozen web addresses on them. No more having to explain to potential customers that this particular product is only sold in this or that store. No longer will you have to promote and advertise all those stores if you don’t want to. Think of all the time and energy you will save and have available for doing what you really want to do, create more products. These are the benefits of having an Arcade store.

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