Monday, January 19, 2009

Signs for every rooom in the house

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For most of us, a home really doesn’t become a home until we add those little personal touches that represent our uniqueness. These little touches come in all types but for the vast majority it isn’t the big things like furniture that really sets a home off as special. It’s the little things, a vase here, a picture there, or maybe its as simple as colors. What ever it is, to us these things make all the difference.

Possibly this is exhibited more so in those of us who tend to lean in the Country, Rustic and Primitive home décor mode. It seems these décor modes lend themselves more easily to these little bits of self expression. For our readers who find themselves addicted to the Country oriented style of home décor, we would like to point you in the direction of a rather new online store called Here's your Sign

The name of the store “Here’s your Sign” pretty well describes what the reader will find in the store but it doesn’t tell them anything about just how genuinely unique each of the signs Tina, the store owner, creates. With a keen eye for color and keeping here subject matter realistic to a Country oriented theme, Tina has been able to create some very attractive and yet naturally simple signs that could fit into many readers homes.

There is a nice blend of themes from the semi-humorous to those more on the serious side to be found in her signs also. We only use a single picture for each blog post but the picture above is pretty representative of what I’ve been saying. Stop by and fill that empty spot on your wall with one of Tina’s signs.

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